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The Khalsa Family Project

With Gurus Grace, IM 1313 have now completed the first of a series of books and animations around a family that they hav...

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

My Best Friend.jpg

​For the past two years IM 1313 have been working extremely hard to push the bar of creative Sikh media content. One of their proudest accolades to date has been the ground breaking album 'My Best Friend,' which reached number one in the iTunes world album charts! The success of this album was possible owing to the team's vision, creativity, relentless hard work and most importantly, the support of the sangat. They brought together award winning artists and industry professionals so that Gurus message of oneness, love and naam is as far reaching as possible.

It's hard to believe that this was almost two years ago, but the hard work hasn't stopped there. Behind the scenes, they have been very busy networking and planning a number of further creative projects.


IM 1313 are excited to announce that over the coming months you will get to see further film, animation, art and music projects come to fruition. They have an animation for "The Gurus Song" ready for release, stunning artwork inspired by the popular song "The One" (available to purchase shortly from the online store at www.im1313.com) and two further music singles entitled "Dhan Guru Nanak Devi Ji" and "Amazing God" from their upcoming album.

This brings us to their newest announcement. With Gurus Grace, IM 1313 have now completed the first of a series of books and animations around a family that they have been developing called 'The Khalsa Family.'

The Khalsa Family are a fun loving family who stay true to their unique identity and tradition in the modern world. Those who are unfamiliar with the Sikh tradition and it's values will be immersed into the world of The Khalsa Family which hones in on valuable everyday lessons that are common amongst humanity, but also pillars of the Sikh faith; such as respect, charity, honesty and hard work.

Each character of The Khalsa family has been carefully designed and injected with a unique personality that will be immediately endearing and have instant resonance with the daily lives we lead. There are no doubts you will find the family adorable and entertaining as you join them on their everyday adventures.

They are introducing this family to you through the first book entitled "The Gurus Song Adventure." The book was inspired by the Gurus Song, one of the most popular songs from the My Best Friend album.

The book itself centres around Simran, the middle son of the family, and his quest to find the answer to his longstanding unanswered question, where is Vaheguru? The reader is taken on an exciting journey around the world as Simran embarks on an adventure to seek the answer. His quandary is answered, true to tradition, with the help of his family and friends who join him on his journey. The book concludes with a valuable lesson for both Simran and the reader which will leave footprints in the mind of the reader.

The attention to detail in this book is typical of IM 1313's approach to any project. The illustrations are nothing short of stunning, giving the child an immersive experience as they read the magical story. The illustrator, Ben Barter, has worked on projects with a number of high profile clients, including Disney and National Geographic.

It is the first of its kind for a Sikh children's book. Therefore, IM 1313 makes a humble request to the sangat once more for everybody to purchase a copy of this book and be a part it's success story.

By making this purchase not only are you supporting IM 1313 to expand on this series and helping to fund further ground breaking initiatives, but most importantly to create content which is worthy of the Sikh faith and will remain inspiring for generations to come.

IM 1313.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

I'M Tera Tera (IM 13 13)

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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