Khalistan is inevitable. It is our destined future. But the people we hear screaming today for Khalistan will not be the ones to create it. Khalistan is going to be created by the true Khalsa, the ones that follow the teachings of all 11 Sikh Gurus and who are truly pure of heart. To understand how Khalistan is going to be created it is important to understand what Khalistan is, what the role of our Gurus is in creating it and what the role of the Sikhs is today.

Khalistan, contrary to popular belief is not a small country that is going to be carved out of India.

Khalistan is, in fact, the whole world. The pure shall rule the world and they shall name it Khalistan.

Khalistan means the home of the pure, not the home of the Amritdhari Sikhs. Taking Amrit is not enough to make someone Khalsa; they have to overcome the five obstacles first to live as Khalsa.

Khalsa means free of ego, lust, anger/rage, attachment and greed. The Sikhs that are crying out for a new country of their own have not yet overcome the five obstacles within themselves; especially the biggest one: their anger. With the help of Waheguru they will one day understand Raj Karega Khalsa.

The Khalistan movement was originally started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and it continues. It is a transformation of humanity and of the planet itself.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji could have stayed close to his home and just created a peaceful community of Sikhs in Rai Bhoi di Talwandi. I am sure Rai Bullar wouldn’t have minded because he was one of the earliest people to see that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was an enlightened soul. But no, Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled far and wide to touch hearts and awaken souls in every place he could reach.

The Gurus that followed continued to spread the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji regarding how to live a simple, pure life, free from anger, greed, lust, pride and attachment.

When the time of Guru Gobind Singh Ji came, he sacrificed his family but still he didn’t create Khalistan. Guru Gobind Singh Ji created an army of the bravest men and women, and he fought for the rights for everyone to follow their own religion freely. Guru Ji could have used the army to create Khalistan, he had enough reason to. The times of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were harder on the Sikhs than are the times today. Guru Gobind Singh Ji didn’t create Khalistan because he was sent on this earth to start a religion that would lead souls back to Waheguru, not one that would lead to its own country. Guru Ji foresaw a Khalistan that would encompass the entire earth.

Then why did 1984 happen? And how did this urge to create Khalistan, limited to just a country, come to be? What happened in 1984 will never be forgotten by any Sikh. But it happened in the Will of Waheguru and it happened for a purpose. The events of 1984 served to reawaken our sleeping Panth. The sacrifices of that time served as a reminder to we Sikhs that we were created to bring peace to this earth. 1984 served to spread Sikhs and Sikhi all over the world and to push us out of our comfort zones.  Today Sikhs can be found all over the world spreading the message of the Sikh Gurus by their own example and laying the foundation of the the coming world of Khalistan.

All we need to do to create Khalistan is to transform ourselves and become the Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. If we truly follow the path he showed us, we shall overcome the five obstacles and create Khalistan. The Pure Ones will rule the earth, not just a nation. And we will rule with our courage, kindness, compassion and radiance, not with the sword.

That is the path to Khalistan.

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