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Journey of the Mind: touring art exhibition invites visitors to go beyond cultural and religious boundaries

Journey of the Mind explores the texts of the Sikh teachers and how, through these, the journey to understand the mind b...

The travelling exhibition of art ‘Journey of the Mind’ will be starting its UK tour in the city of Birmingham (18 November - 4 December 2021) at the Library of Birmingham, before moving onto Bristol, Nottingham, Glasgow and London throughout 2022 and 2023.

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A community focused arts organization, Without Shape Without Form, presents Journey of the Mind which combines Sikh tradition with new forms of storytelling to share a message of inclusivity, kindness and equality. This truly unique art gallery features figurative drawings and digitally created paintings by world-renowned Sikh artist Kanwar Singh, with easily digestible text panels–including excerpts in the original Gurmukhi script–and short films by animator Christian Wood, the exhibition explores the stories of those who historically attained the religion’s highest spiritual levels. 

The exhibit shares the wisdom of Sikh texts, encouraging visitors to find peace in troubled times and connect with truth through an awareness of their own identity, while opening their minds to new perspectives. The aim is to use the arts as a vehicle through which to explore the relationship between spirituality and Sikh heritage, from the religion’s 550 year old history. In addition, the organization will be hosting a variety of community engagement events for the duration of the exhibition, including readings, workshops and talks, all free of charge. 

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One of the priorities of this organization is to encourage others to come together and to have an uplifting experience of unity and oneness after such troubled times. The exhibition has been created to engage with local communities on a regional, national and international level, creating a global community experience.

As part of the BEDLAM Arts and Mental Health Festival 2021, this exhibition will be hosting a variety of community engagement events, Art of the Mind being one of them. This discussion connects art, spirituality and mental well-being through the exploration of the mind. Panelists include artist Kanwar Singh, ex Vogue/Dazed creative and curator of Journey of the Mind, Deep Kailey, along with a local Birmingham artist.

The mind is the main focus of this exhibition, encouraging us to question the perpetuating internal chatter and to meditate on the shared experiences that make up our society today. 

“We believe that now more than ever, mental wellness is key to healing and understanding. ‘The mind’ is something we all have in common, regardless of age, race, gender, creed or social background. Visitors will gain an invaluable understanding of Sikhism – and the peace that comes with its practices” says Deep Kailey, the exhibition curator. 

Journey of the Mind explores the texts of the Sikh teachers and how, through these, the journey to understand the mind begins. And how the mind battles against negative forces within, to find peace in troubled times through focused practice, community and selfless service. 

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“I’m delighted that the Library of Birmingham will be the first venue for the Without Shape Without Form exhibition,” says Councillor Jayne Francis, cabinet member for education, skills and culture 

As the busiest public building in a super-diverse city, it’s exciting to work with such creative partners on an exhibition that speaks and connects with so many communities. This is a fantastic opportunity for visitors to the library to learn something new, consider different perspectives on spirituality, and enjoy some fantastic art”

Although, Without Shape Without Form has only been established since 2017 they have already proven to develop exhibitions of the highest calibre, where visitors have been awe-inspired by the works.  This time round visitors will be able to purchase a book developed with the luxury materials, but at an affordable price, also called A Journey of the Mind, which has been created to accompany the exhibition tour. All visitors will be able to take home with them a lasting memento of this pioneering tour.

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