The Journey of Merger - From Gursikh to Khalsa

Love letters - The Bani of Shabad Hazaray & Its Powers

1. SHABAD HAZARAY (Meaning: In the presence of the Shabd Guru) - is sometimes called "the bani with power of one thousand shabads." It was written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, when he was not the Guru yet. Following the completion of the Bani, Sri Arjan Ji (Arjan Mal) was bestowed the throne of Guruship and became the fifth Master, Guru Arjan Dev Ji.
This Bani when recited from heart, evokes the emotions of love and intensifies the longing to meet the Guru.
2. The sequence of events and the circumstances during which the Bani was written also portray the Journey of Merger of all the Gursikhs with their Beloved Guru.
The steps being -

Obey -> Love & Serve -> Virag (Longing for Vision) & Simran (Constant Remembrance) -> Surrender & Gratitude -> Patience & Trust -> Intense Longing & Pain -> Grace of Guru (Gur Prasad) -> Final Union (Merger)
3. The bani of Shabad Hazaray consists of 4 devotional love letters by Sri Arjan Ji to the beloved Guru father, Guru Ram Das Ji.
4. The first three letters written by Sri Arjan Ji during his time of separation from Guru Ram Das Ji -
- Depict the pain endured by the heart and soul of a devotee in separation from the Beloved.
- The mind remains one pointed in remembrance of the Guru and no other task holds any importance.
- One moment of separation feels like thousands of years. There is just one longing - The longing to be at the lotus feet of the Guru.
5. The fourth letter was written when Sri Arjan Ji met Guru Ram Das Ji after few years of separation.
- It is of the state of Bliss that one experiences after having met the Guru.
- In meeting the True Saint Guru, one finds the Immortal Lord within the home of ones own self. One realizes his own highest self.
- The experience of grace and blessing is so vast and incomprehensible that the devotee even though being one with the Guru and God, still wants to remain the loyal servant and serve the house of the Beloved Guru. The Guru who united him with the husband lord.
The attached video is the visual narrative of the sequence of events during which the bani was written and elaborates on the steps that every disciple has to cross leading to his/her final union with the Lord.
Every Gursikh who is in love with the Guru and who follows the Guru’s teachings has to move up on these rungs of the ladder to reach the final merger with the Guru and the Lord.  Finding his/her own true highest Self.
- Obeying and Serving the Guru with love and devotion.
- Intense longing to be with the Guru.
- Constant remembrance of Guru & God.
- Surrender to the will of Guru, following the Divine Order (Hukam).
- Lots of Patience and Trust, without consideration of time.
These are the tests of Spiritual Journey that everyone has to pass before the final merger.

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“Gurmat Learning" is a Youtube channel for Learning and Sharing the Teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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