This year for our fundraiser, we chose Bani: The Divine Connection, because that's what Banis do - they lift us up out of the mundane and daily life and remind us of our connection to the divine presence of Waheguru.
I have loved every part of our preparations, many hands made them possible, and the gifts are precious to me. I know that millions of people come every year to SikhNet to download Bani PDFs and it was personal to me to make sure we have new, beautiful PDFs to present to you.

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As a part of our collection of Bani-related gifts, today our gift for you is the new Jaap Sahib PDF.

Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote Jaap Sahib in Anandpur Sahib in 1677, when he was just 16 years old. 

May it be an inspiration to you. 

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Jaap Sahib is a poetic prayer. It's crafted in a special rhythm style known as Bhujang Prayat Chhand. When challenges arise in your life, reciting Jaap Sahib serves as a tool -  it empowers your mind, and infuses strength into every fiber of your being.

Jaap Sahib promises resilience - you will not succumb to defeat easily. It strengthens our bodies and minds, but it also nurtures our spiritual strength. Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru - chanting the divine name consistently helps us .

I am grateful to my team for creating such beautiful gifts. And I am grateful to you - our beloved SikhNet family - for visiting SikhNet, contributing stories, articles and so much more, and for your generous donations. Download Jaap Sahib PDF today. 

I know there are a lot of Sikh organizations asking for your Dasvandh. There are many important causes: langar, crises aid, civil rights and so much more, AND SikhNet has its own unique offering.

We provide millions of people the ability to connect with Guru Sahib in modern digital ways, we provide stories for our children to learn about Sikh history and Sikh heritage, we provide free access to a vast collection of Gurbani Kirtan without distracting advertising or commercials, and so much more. Your contribution makes that happen. 

Will you donate today?

Every Sikh organization is doing important work in the world, and SikhNet is too, and so I humbly ask - will you help support us in our mission to keep providing millions and millions of people a connection to Guru Sahib? 

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