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About Ishpal Kaur?

From a very young age, I knew art was the career path I wanted to take. My creative journey initially started within the fine arts sector, creating mixed media paintings and drawings to then find myself later, falling in love with digital art. Utilizing my design skills and my love for the Sikh faith, in recent years I have gone onto creating several Sikhi inspired books and religious portraits of the Sikh Gurus.

Tell us more about the Sikh books?

The books contain digital illustrations to help narrate the story and information. I wanted to use computer graphics and the power of colour and design to communication messages and teaching to engage readers. The aim was to also create resources that were accessible for everybody, translating meanings whilst also portraying authenticity.

What inspires you as an Artist?

The world is a miraculous and extraordinary place, and countless things inspire me. Religion, spirituality, meditation, the wonders of mother nature, and lessons that I’ve learnt throughout my journey, just to name a few. The work I produce is an artistic impression of how I perceive the universe and its magic. From a blank canvas into something that can evoke emotions, feelings, information, and so much more in itself is inspiration.

What inspired you to be a Writer?

Other aspects were involved in creating the publications, including research and content which gave me the opportunity to use my creative writing and poetry skills too. Being a writer is another great tool to self-express and tell beautiful stories.

Any advice you would give as a Creative?

The creative path is not the most carved out of journeys, but the drive, the passion, and the love that comes from creating, is something that is indescribable, it enlightens something inside, and feeds my creative soul. Being an artist and a designer is a wonderful thing, don’t give up, keep trying, and leave the rest up to Vaheguru.

Ishpal Kaur

Publisher, Author, Creative Designer
Specializing in digital design and educational resources

Website: ishpalkaur.com

Facebook - @ishpalkaurbooks

Instagram - @ishpalkaur_book

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