Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, is a tool to achieve self mastery and happiness of total self. It works on all aspects of the body, mind and spirit through, pranayama (breath), mantras (chants), asana (body positioning), mudra (hand positioning), bhanda (body locks) and relaxation to provide a more healthy, happy and holy way of life for each person who practices it.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the oldest forms of human development, being at least 6000 years old. Some believe it dates back as many as 70,000 years. Kundalini yoga produces results 16 times faster than ordinary yoga and is the original and most powerful of the twenty two schools of yoga, all of which are beneficial. The Yoga Sutras say that what you can achieve in 12 years of Hatha Yoga, plus 6 years of Raj Yoga, plus 3 years of Mantra Yoga, plus 1 year of Laya Yoga can be accomplished in a single year of perfectly practised Kundalini Yoga. It is therefore known as the fastest form of Yoga practise and personal development.

The word "Kundalini" means awareness and hidden potential of that awareness; it is the greatness of what we are capable. "Yoga" means relationship, unity, the merging of the individual creative consciousness with the infinite Creative Consciousness. By practicing this form of yoga an awareness and conscious relationship with our spiritual origin is developed. It is not a religion but rather the science of all religions. The spiritual impulse and identity is basic to human nature, but for many people in this society it has been lost. Practicing Kundalini yoga brings us back in touch with our three folded nature: body, mind and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates gentle stretching as well as energetic aerobic workout with breath coordination. All yoga sets are designed to work on specific body systems, such as the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine or reproductive system. It provides happiness by balancing the glandular system, strengthening the nervous system, and enabling us to tap into the energy of the mind and the emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. Kundalini Yoga promotes better functioning of our bodily systems, increases our radiance and the impact we have on others, promotes emotional balance and enhances intuition, helps to eliminate negative habit patterns, and promotes a sense of relaxation, well being and centeredness as well as reducing stress effectively. The benefits therefore impact all aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual being.
"The process of self-healing is the privilege of every human being. Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is it a question of being able to do something that most people can’t. Self-healing is a process that occurs through the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul. It is a contract, a union - that is the science of Kundalini Yoga." - Yogi Bhajan - Master of Kundalini Yoga
Immediately after class most students feel a sense of general well being and relaxation, or a feeling of inner peace and joy. Many students also report mental clarity and an increase in energy levels the day or days following class.

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