Interview with Siri Sahib Singh Khalsa from Belo Horizonte – Brazil

In order to inspire and connect with our quickly growing global Sangat feel connected Sikh Dharma International has been...

SiriSahibSinghKhalsa (48K)March 22, 2013: In order to inspire and connect with our quickly growing global Sangat feel connected Sikh Dharma International has been doing some “Outreach Interviews” – we call members of different communities in the world and touch base with them.

This interview is from July 2012 with Siri Sahib Singh Khalsa from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

How many people are involved in your community in some way?

- KY Teachers: 150 people

- Sangat: 300 people

- Organizers (head of projects): 30-40 people; 15 always very involved

- We have a network of 2,000 people

What kind of community do you have? Kundalini Yoga/Sikh/ both?

Both, for sure, everything started with the Kundalini Yoga practice and Teacher Trainings, but because of that, people got very inspired and there are a number of Khalsas here now. Everybody who is involved with the sangat really has a “Sikh Heart” when it comes to service. There is a lot of volunteer work led by the Kundalini Yoga community. Right now they are approx 15 Khalsas in Brazil.

What is happening in your community?

Recently did an interview with a major local newspaper. At first the interview was about “being a vegetarian”, but it ended up turning into a whole interview about Sikh Dharma, and it was amazing. It was the front page article. (The newspaper is called “Estado de Minas”).

Brazil-newspaper (31K)

What kind of projects are you involved in?

At this moment, the biggest focus is in the organization and fundraising of the school “Miri Piri Brazil” (Miri Piri Brazil Blog)

Also, we have a Kirtan program so some of the teachers here can become proficient enough to teach others in the sangat.

People also volunteer teaching KY in 2 schools for young poor children (0 – 6 years old) and one person teaches women in jail.

304825_356681667739749_1442253896_n (25K)

Every semester, we have a program called “Radiant Woman’s”. Now, a “Level II” is in development. There is also a program called “Authentic Men”. This one also happens in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. These programs are active and have been successful for 4 years.

A very beautiful project called “Dharmic School” happens every week, and is growing. It serves children 4 to 14 years old, and now they have 25 children enrolled. This project focuses on giving the children some concepts about consciousness in general. There are KY classes, Kirtan and gatka classes. These children go to regular schools, but this project was created in order to teach them our lifestyle.

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We have a monthly Gurdwara

MonthlyGurdwara (70K)

We regularly have workshops intended to include the whole city, so we can dialogue with the community, about important themes of KY technology.

This year, we are organizing, for the second time, a “Biannual” tree day event – on October 26- 28 called “Prosperity”. It will be a big event with the presence of Guru Amrit Kaur, Guru Bachan Singh, Guru Sangat Kaur, and lots of live music, Gong meditation, live sadhana, a little “show” of the Bana styles of the Sangat, deep meditations and practices.

biAnnual2012 (59K)

Every other year we host the White Tantric Yoga, with more than 250 people.

Last year, we did our first Ransabhai on the New Year, and also, our first Akhand Path.

Level 1 and 2 teacher trainings are happening in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia (Brazil’s Capital), Rio de Janeiro and Uberlandia lead by Guru Sangat Kaur, and some international teachers.

The whole Sangat, together, with prayers and financial support are sending 4 children to study at Miri Piri Academy – Amritsar this year.

What are you interested in?

The biggest interest right now is investing in educational projects, scholarship to MPA, the Dharmic School, graduating teachers, and always with focus on the “next generation”

What has the Siri Singh Sahib brought to your life?

SSS brought to my life in a very general view, more consciousness, took me out of illusions so I can live my life in reality, consciousness, and because of that I received a great gift, the Dharma.

How has the Siri Singh Sahib inspired your community?

SSS inspired the sangat with the teachings, which initially arrived via Guru Sangat Kaur, but his presence is always felt in a very subtle way, with his life example, how he related with the Sangat, how he dealt with business, etc. And we have some teachers visit who studied directly with him and bring lots of inspiration like Nirvair Singh and Kaur, Tarn Taran Singh, Shanti Shanti Kaur, Guru Raj Kaur, Krishna Kaur, Prit Pal Singh and Kaur, Mukta Kaur, Hari Charan Kaur, Guru Bachan Singh)

On SSS’s birthday, we encourage the Sangat to do the 31 min of Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru for 15 days, and we get together on his actual birthday, we do Long Ong Kars. And on Sunday that week, we organize a special gurdwara and lungar.

What do you want to know more about?

We consider SDW/SDI one institution that guards and preserves the teachings of Sikh Dharma very well, in a very pure place; that it is the reference for the SSS teachings. It’s a fountain of inspiration, service, meditations and being a part of Global Projects. It’s a guarantee of good/correct information. We really feel that it’s very necessary at this moment, to have some reference information about Sikh Dharma in Portuguese; Presented in a clear, elegant, accurate way.

Would also like a “channel” where people can go to ask questions and get accurate answers

We encourage SDW/SDI to keep up with the newsletters and the cards.

Listen to the children singing Ad Gureh Nameh

Listen to the children singing Bhale Amardas Gun Tere shabd

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Courtesy: Sikhs and Seekers by SDI


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