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The IDO Drive ~ Isha Daler Oxygenate Drive

This little girl, all of 7, Isha Blokhra, recently learnt about global warming and the importance of trees in our lives....

When you truly want to do something the world conspires
with all its might to make it happen.

This little girl, all of 7 named Isha Blokhra recently learnt about global warming and the importance of trees in our lives at her school, in NJ, USA. She asked her father on his birthday what he wanted to do and he replied, whatever you want. "We can throw a party, call your friends so you can have a play date, or go out for dinner with the family", to which Isha replied - "on your birthday, you are actually celebrating living one more year on planet Earth. So what can we do to thank the planet? Let's grow a tree, my teachers told me that one tree gives oxygen to 6 people for life". And to make up for all the lost years, the family calculated that they owe the planet 750 trees for their each life year.

The Blokhra family is traveling to India in June for their grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, so they decided to start this plantation drive from their motherland.

This is where the Magic began.

After a few calls to friends and families, one friend reached out to the Pop Icon, Daler Mehndi through Facebook. The Daler Mehndi Green Drive has planted over 800,000 trees in the NCR of New Delhi and continuously promotes, advocates taking care of Mother Earth. Daler Mehndi Green Drive got together the trees and friends who would be planting 250 trees mainly Neem trees in one day to boost Isha's morale and give wings to her already ignited desire to work for such a brilliant cause.

Isha (62K)
Isha with Daler Mehndi (top) and with Family (above)

IDO (29K)You ask this angelic face, 'Why do you want to grow trees? She replies promptly, "Because they give oxygen!" A 7 year old knows how precious this Life Force is to each one of us. This is where Daler Mehndi Green Drive kicked off a Campaign "IDO" - The Isha Daler Oxygenate Drive.

These two souls- Isha, one who is working towards creating a legacy for her generation and the other - the man who is literally the Voice of Entertainment and a humanitarian Daler Mehndi are all set to add 750 trees, starting with 250 in this month of June of 2017 setting an example for paying back our Mother Earth for the years that we have lived off her and on her.

SuperSikh (48K)

Joining the two are the Super Sikh Runners taking inspiration from the Sikh Philosophy headed by Gurpreet Wasi, a group of athletics uniting people of all faiths, age groups and social strata through running. Their motto - One race - Human Race who believe in recognizing all human race as one, striving to encourage a culture of fitness of the body, mind for living the ideal life of a Saint Soldier.

The Super Sikh Team were inspired and mentored by Taran Mehndi to take their love for running to the next level by helping the city oxygenate by tree plantations.

Planting (144K)

Daler Mehndi, Isha and her family, Super Sikh Runners and DDA came together to plant a 100 trees in the morning of 24th June 2017 in Sanjay Van, Lado Sarai Gate, next to TB Hospital.

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