Sikhism is the world's fifth-largest religion, with roughly 25 million adherent dispersed throughout the globe. The faith teaches that all people are equal before God and should develop their spiritual character through humility, compassion and generosity. Sikhs typically keep their hair uncut as a symbol of unity with God, and men -- and some women -- cover their hair with turbans as a mark of faith.

Unfortunately, Sikhs are one of the most misunderstood religious groups in America. Subjected to countless hate crimes and attacks over the years, Sikhs have born the brunt of many Americans' xenophobia and still manage to promote peace and religious literacy through it all.

HuffPost Religion invited Sikhs on social media to share their depictions of#whatsikhlookslike -- putting the power back in Sikhs' hands to define themselves.

The response revealed a diverse and vibrant community that refuses to be pigeonholed. If you would like to share an image of what Sikh looks like to you, share your photos tagged #whatsikhlookslike with @HuffPostRelig on Twitter.


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