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In the Sikh community, you are taught to respect the environment. In recent years, we have seen the Sikh community embrace their relationship with nature by pledging to plant 1 million trees as a ‘gift to the plant.’ As followers of Guru Nanak’s teachings, one of their daily recited prayers refers to air as the teacher. Just as they strive to create calming spaces in their homes and partake in activities to protect the environment, many of them believe in keeping the air pure and unpolluted. However, with rising levels of pollution and higher humidity levels, this can prove to be difficult. The good news is, there is a long list of ways you can improve the air quality in your home- starting with these 3:
Add Air Purifying Plant To Your Home

Adding indoor plants to your home can help you create a tranquil environment but also helps to purify the indoor air. In NASA’s Clean Air Study, a range of plants was found to be effective in removing toxins, dust, and germs in the air. As a bonus, it can create a great backdrop for your interior design. Some good indoor plants for purifying include English Ivy, Snake Plant (great for helping you sleep), and Chrysanthemum.

Consider Adding An Air Purifier To Your Home

Understandably, homeowners cannot spend every day cleaning their homes.  To combat the build-up of indoor and pet allergens, invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers can filter these irritants out of the air while HVAC filters can be added to your central heating or air conditioning unit to remove unwanted air particles. You can also check with a professional about getting HEPA filters installed. Research by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation showed that 50 percent of 200 detected chemicals were 10 times higher indoors and outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these filters can remove up to 99.97 percent of pollen, dust, and invisible indoor air contaminants like the gases contained in the interior atmosphere that could compromise the air quality.

Let The Fresh Air In

Adequate ventilation helps to reduce indoor air contaminants. According to the American Lung Association, the indoor air in homes can build up high levels of odors, gases, and moisture. Poor ventilation can also lead to the build-up of carbon monoxide and radon, which can be harmful if left unaddressed. To maintain good indoor air quality, air circulation is critical. Open your windows regularly to let fresh air in. This is particularly important in high use and high moisture areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Also if you can, use exhaust fans in your bathroom to remove moisture. 

“Air is the Guru, Water the Father, and the Earth is the Great Mother”-Guru Granth Sahib. As part of honoring the teachings of Sikhism and our responsibility towards the environment, we should do everything we can to preserve our indoor environment- including the air we breathe. Taking these small everyday steps is a good place to start.

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