How To Look After Your Thick, Curly Hair As A Sikh Woman

Whether or not you keep your hair covered as a Sikh woman, having beautiful, thick, curly hair is easy to achieve.

Many Sikh women tie turban and cover up their hair. Others wear chunni, choosing to keep their hair covered because it helps them feel connected to their faith. Whether you do or don’t cover your hair, you can still look after your thick, curly hair and keep it healthy. Just like other parts of your body, your hair should be strong and full of life instead of neglected. Not only is this physically healthy, but good for your emotions, too. As research published in Psychology Today has found, when your hair is looked after and controlled, it can make you feel in control of life’s situations. Therefore, hair could be connected to having a confident, positive attitude!

Clean, shiny hair is easier to manage, while making you feel good about it. Over the last 50 or so years, some Sikh women, especially younger ones, have stopped wearing head coverings.. So, if you ever do want to show your curly hair to the world, you want it to look good. 

What to do when you can’t cut your hair

Sikh women aren’t allowed to cut their hair. This causes it to thin out and get split ends. Luckily, there are ways you can keep it looking healthy instead of dry, even without regular cuts. Since curly hair tends to dry out more than straight hair, it’s important to treat your hair. A leave-in conditioner can smooth hair ends, creating hair that feels silky. Taking healthy vitamins, such as folic acid, is also important. When you flood your hair with nutrients, you encourage it to grow in a healthy, thick way. 

Skip the heated tools

Using heated styling tools can damage your curly hair, making it dry and brittle. Instead of using heated tools, let your hair air-dry once you’ve washed it. When your hair is wet, comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Be gentle if you’re drying your hair with a towel as this can cause it to frizz. You should also apply a nourishing product to your hair, such as coconut oil or almond oil, to keep curly hair hydrated and smooth. Coconut oil has many hair benefits, such as removing dandruff and knots, while giving hair a deep-conditioning treatment to keep it silky and strong.

A diffuser is the best tool to use  

There might be times when you want to leave the house quickly and don’t have time to air-dry your hair. On such days, it helps to use a diffuser. A diffuser is a device that you attach to the front of your hairdryer. It’s the helpful and practical tool for curly hair because it doesn’t need much heat to keep your curls defined and frizz-free. Even if you cover your hair with a scarf or turban, having beautiful hair underneath can boost your confidence and make you feel good. A diffuser is especially great for self-esteem because it encourages you to love your curly hair and keep it as natural as possible!  

When using a diffuser, make sure you hold it close to your roots and let them dry properly before moving on to other sections of your hair. If you want the length of your hair to have more curls, place the hair strands on the diffuser. This will increase your curls and make them more defined, while working with your hair's natural tendency to curl. 

Whether or not you keep your hair covered as a Sikh woman, having beautiful curly hair is easy to achieve. With some simple products, tools, and tips, you can ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong.


Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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