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How do we Deal with Anger ?

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When we get angry ultimately what we're saying is I am right and you are wrong. At the very basic level when we're angry at someone what we're saying is I'm right and you are wrong and when we say I am right and you are wrong we're saying I'm at this point higher than you.

I'm standing on the moral high ground I have the right answer you have the wrong answer. Gurbani changes that relationship. Gurbani talks about seeing everyone else as higher than you, every opportunity you get, see yourself as wrong, every opportunity you get see yourself as low.

When we see ourselves as low and we make a habit of seeing ourselves as constantly wrong, I'm always wrong, make that your habit every day. I'm wrong, everything I think is wrong, the way I believe is wrong, the world that I think is the right way to be in the world that's all wrong, this is what we do when we go to the Guru.

When you bow down to the Guru you say, I don't know anything, I have no knowledge, I have no wisdom, all the wisdom comes from you.


So, when we train ourselves to see ourselves low then we can start seeing the other person as high. The other thing that Gurbani teaches us is to see the Divine in everyone, to see God in everyone. But that starts by seeing God in you first. If you don't know God is inside you then you don't know God inside everyone else. You can't just say I see God, I see God, I see God everywhere. You can't just say that you have to learn that you have to actually see God within yourself and that takes time and that takes a meditative practice and it takes having to learn from the Guru.

How do I see God in myself?

Once you start doing that then only you can start understanding that this is God and that is God. When you get angry at someone you don't think like that you think I am me and they are them and I am better than them and I am right and they are wrong but we have to retrain that way of thinking that says this is God and that is God.

So who's getting angry at whom, when all that there is, is God. Then who is getting angry at whom. The only issue with anger is we don't know how to take ourselves out of the equation. We have to move out of the whole thing.

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