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A young Sikh woman shares her journey


I’m Manpreet from HelloManpreet.com, originally from the UK, moved to Toronto and now working in Dubai as a teacher of children with special needs. My aim is to empower people around the world to start their own personal journeys of self discovery and support them by sharing my everyday experiences over YouTube. Admittedly, I have felt that I am not the most confident person but I know how beautiful life can be when we take a step out of our comfort zone. This pushed me to create YouTube videos after experiencing my own anxieties and blocks. Searching around on such a large platform as YouTube, there is not a huge Sikh presence, let alone turbanned female. I would like the face of a turbaned Sikh woman to be a normal site in the eyes of society. This can do great wonders for our community and the diaspora living all across the globe. Despite that, I recognised that putting myself out there in the public is a challenging feat and it comes with its own complications.

Having done extensive work with children of special needs during the last few years of my life has been such a great way for me to be around some beautiful sangat who have guided me in a direction of self development and looking after my mental health.This sangat I speak of, does not necessarily mean the people I have met in Gurdwaras around the world, but the books that I have read to develop my work and also some incredible souls carried within these children. We overlook the purity in young children, and those with special needs have a completely different innocence within their energy.  After studying psychology at university and sharing my home with foster children my outlook and knowledge on life was shaped into one that is very closely aligned to those of our forefathers, going back to our Gurus.

As a young Sikh couple we started our journey together very quickly after getting married two years ago, and have learnt a lot about ourselves in such a short time. This comes down to our active efforts in always trying  to remind ourselves of life in the present moment and being mindful. We focus on love and forgiveness and that itself eradicates any anger or frustration that is experienced by people today.

I would appreciate it if you had a look at my YouTube page and subscribe to continue helping me grow on this journey. You are welcome to message me directly on Instagram, and I will do my best to help you on your journey to finding yourself

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