The Guru's Forgiving Grace ~ Poem by Vaninder Kaur

Holding my hand.....To feel His presence

Ramaiya (9K)

Forgiveness (96K)The Guru's Forgiving Grace

My dad once told me
"I can protect only so much
Your real father is Guru Gobind Singh,
Who will protect you through thick and thin...
In this world & carry you over to the next, with Him"

Life has taught me lessons,
But my Guru
Gurugobind Singh
Is with me
Every second....
of my trials & sufferings
Holding my hand
As rough waters
Were overwhelming....

He stood by my side
My faults
Confusion & shortcomings....

For he is my father
My Guru
My God
I am his child
I plead to him
He smiles at me
Overlooking my sins
And blesses me so
With his beautiful grace so sweet...

Life is so wonderful
The world may not think so
As I bow down
To touch my head
To his feet so revering
He blesses me
He is forgiving....
It seems now
I have a purpose
And a mean
In this life
And start preparing....

As beyond
Gets nearer
And the connection to the Guru
Gets clearer
I close my eyes
To feel his presence
Even closer....

Vaninder(Lovey) Kaur

Photo Credit:: © Choat Boonyakiat | - Open empty hands

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