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GuruHargobindSahibJi (56K)

Little Description

Guru Hargobind Sahib was the only child of the Guru Arjan Dev ji and Mata Ganga ji, He was born in year 1595 in Guru ki Wadali, District Amritsar and Prithvi Chand (who was elder brother of Guru Arjan Dev ji) did every mischief to harm or to kill Guru Hargobind Sahib ji when he was just a child, but he failed in his evil plans and by the mercy of Almighty Guru Hargobind Sahib ji survived in these circumstances created by Prithvi Chand. Later Baba Budha ji became a teacher of Guru Hargobind ji and taught him Punjabi Language, Martial Arts and Horse riding.

After the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev ji in year 1606, Guru Hargobind Sahib ji got Guruship, When he was just 11 he became the Guru. He then asked Sikh sangat for houses, elephants, weapons and encouraged youth to join the army to fight for 'Dharma'. As they don't want that temporal power to overcome spirtual power. For this Guru ji wore two swords, 'Miri-Piri', He made Sikh saint to Saint Soldier. They made their own army which consists of 700 horses, 300 horsemen (risaldari) army, 500 men of manjha additionally joined army later as infantry. Guru Sahib always gave emphasis on physical fitness to combat.

Physical Appearance

Although Guru sahib ji never taught us to attach or to worship human body as body is just temporary but when we talk even about Guru ji's body or physical appearance, It sometimes takes our consciousness and connects it to god. Because Guru himself is a 'God'.

Guru Hargobind ji was very tall and strong, Height was somewhere between 7'2 to 7'6, Body weight was around 125 kg (275 pounds). Guru Sahib was so good looking, attractive, adorable with an immense personality. Guru ji was strong but not fat. Painda Khan who was brought up by Guru Hargobind ji but later he betrayed and attacked Guru ji with the help of Mughal army. Guru ji had a heart of a wax. Squaring off with Painda Khan in the battle field, in the face of his huge betrayal, Guru ji gave 3 chances to Paida Khan to attack. Only after these 3 attempts fail did Guru ji daftly advanced, pushed him with his shield and he got faint. Before leaving his body, resting in Guru ji's arms, he regretted what he had done before he died.

Guru Hargobind ji was a True Spirtual Warrior, Guru ji is also known as 'Sacha Patshah' (a true judge of Dharma). There is Gurudwara in Amritsar near Darbar Sahib where the chola, Mala and other ornaments of Guru Hargobind ji are kept, Their clothes and 'simarna' (mala) gives us clue about the height, wrist size and physical appearance of Guru ji. 

Spiritually Guru Hargobind ji is god of the gods and crores and crores of the galaxies obeys and bows down to their order. Guru ji kept 2 horses while traveling because when first horse got tired, he would shift to the second one. Guru ji was very well trained in martial arts. He used to wear 2 swords of 'Miri-Piri', where 'Miri' indicates temporal power there 'Piri' means Spirtual power.

He made Akal Takhat, 'God's throne' for the Political and Religious affairs of the Panth. He fought many battles against the Mughals. Mughal emperor Jahangir kept Guru ji in gwalior jail and when Guru ji came out of the prison, he released 52 kings out of there who had life imprisonment in the jail. This day is also known as 'Bandi Chhor Divas'. Bandi means imprisoned and chhor means release. A prisoner's release day or we can say festival 'Diwali' of the Sikhs.

Sheikh Miya Mir ji , who laid down the foundation stone of the Darbar Sahib, was a best friend of  Guru Arjun Dev ji and he raised his voice on the time of martyrdom of the Guru Arjun Dev ji. But Guru Arjun dev ji said, No it's the will of my beloved, 'TERA KIYA MITHA LAGHE, HAR NAAM PADARATH NANAK MANGAY'. Sheikh Miya Mir ji was adored and worshipped by thousands of Muslim at that time (and still he is) but Miya Mir ji used to bow before Guru Hargobind ji, One day someone asked him why you bow before Guru Hargobind ji as its against our religion, Miya mir ji replied, "What should I do? Whenever I go to the God's court, I see nothing but the Guru Hargobind ji. His light is pervading everywhere." Guru ji also known as 'chattam pir' (Sixth Pir).

Later Guru Hargobind ji's grandson (Baba Gurdita ji's son) became the eighth Guru, Guru Harkrishan ji. Later the younger son the Guru Hargobind ji, Guru Teg Bahadur, became the ninth Guru of the Sikhs who gave his life to save Hindu Dharam.

Jameet Singh.

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