The Guru and the Truth

The Guru is enlightening souls by giving them exactly the life experiences they need to let go of everything except the ...

The human soul is always magnetized towards the infinite. The various schools of philosophy may cover partial distances but all eventually endeavor to bring the heartbeat closer to Almighty. The mushrooming of deras and other so called modern religious institutes within and around us are for bringing some satisfaction to people by quenching their spiritual thirst. To a certain extent these institutes are definitely able to provide some satisfaction to wounded souls, yet the complete eternal bliss of the infinite lies in awareness of the presence of the Infinite within Nature; in the Almighty’s Word; in GurShabad. There have been several attempts to define and find the vastness of Almighty.

In prayers when one is trying to explore the truth, he eventually discovers that the complete satisfaction is within oneself and not anywhere external. This completeness is realized within GurShabad (the eternal soundcurrent) and it results in one spontaneously following the internal command (Hukam) which flows through us at every moment. There is no secret trick or mantra. It is Eternal. It is Cosmic. It is free to all. The incomplete journey traveled by these modern religious institutes is for those who wish to drink a cup from the fountain. When one feels the joy of having that spiritual thirst satisfied then the spirit is bound to travel to the door of the Almighty and such a soul becomes free from all bondage including that of success and achievements.

Earth and heaven live forever because they desire nothing for themselves. They do not live for themselves; they live for all. Just as the sun shines on all equally, they distribute their affection equally both to virtuous and evil. Good and evil do not exist for them. They carry with them the highest variety of experiences of both joy and sorrow; preservation and devastation.  They are beyond time. Men with virtue similar to earth and heaven do not decay with death. They do not sacrifice their belongings; as they do not believe that anything belongs to them. All they have does not belong to them because they are empty of ego. They are empty from thoughts of self. Defeat and victory, loss and gain are the same for them as all things come and go by the Supreme command. Both glory and dishonor are the same for them. Because both glory and dishonor are due to one’s self and they do not carry their self in themselves. They are beyond birth and death. They are like a phenomenon. They are always in one with Almighty.

The first sign of grace comes when one feels empty of all except a profound attitude of gratitude. Guru Nanak in the verse of Asa Ki Var states, “Haumain te jag upjae”, (Ego is the seed of existence). The emptiness of a vessel, determines the utility of a vessel. If there is no space in the vessel then there is no way that anything could be added into it. Those who remain empty are the ones who live forever. They are empty of their selfdom. Nature’s phenomenon and nature’s love exists within and without. The cosmic relationship exists forever. Their eyes are alight with the One light of the Almighty. They are a tree and a bird, a fountain and the rain, a mountain and an ocean. They know that they are one with the. The Guru enlightens their consciousness and immerses them in the  Almighty.  Unless one’s consciousness has awakened than life is still waiting to be lived. Such conscious souls, full of humility and grace, are a fountain of creativity and radiate an eternal and radiance.

Truth is one of the infinite traits of the Guru. Truth is beyond all effects of time and does not decay or change. As said by Rene Guenon, “A true idea cannot be new, for Truth is not a product of human mind; it exists independently of us. All we have to do is to take cognizance of it; for outside this knowledge there is nothing but error."

Truth here does not confine its meaning to verbally uttering truth but it is a constant honest state of mind and soul. “Sach ta par janeyae je ridhey sacha hoyee”. Truth comes from an honest heart.  Guru’s mind awakened with God’s consciousness guides us to realize this divine and omnipresent law. All truthful experiences are more to be felt and experienced rather than to be defined. There are a few who have the destiny written on their foreheads to realize these experiences. The Guru is enlightening souls by giving them exactly the life experiences they need to let go of everything except the Infinite. For them there is no me and mine, but only Thee and Thine.

Amandeep Singh
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