"Gurmantar" ~ Track Launch by Gursimran Kaur

After release of acclaimed 'Aar Nanak..' now 'Gurmantar' launching this August

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"Extremely grateful and thankful for this one, Guru Nanak has blessed me with another one of a beautiful project and I am excited and nervous at the same time."

Gursimran Kaur says "Though being locked up in a room is not considered the highest forms of inspiration for any kind of creative art but the realities of life that we are experiencing these days are certainly bringing out shades of emotions in a very raw and intense form, and what's a better way for an artist to have the opportunity to feel the core of every emotion and create something magical out of it."

"Gurmantar" - Meditation Track Launch

“Been brought up by parents who always emphasised on first becoming a good person and then focusing on any career aspects, I have had a childhood filled with daily gurughar routines, participating in chauki sahib, singing shabads with my mom, reciting Japuji sahib while getting ready for school in the morning and a never ending faith in god. Since childhood, I've always felt very deeply for other people's pain or sufferings, and I've always thought of helping in some way, just didn't know back then what that way would be. In my 5th Standard, when I was about 9 years old, my mom sent me to summer classes for kirtan and that's where I fell in love with music. I have never learned music professionally, but have been gifted with a voice and emotions in my heart that I'm really grateful for.

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Until last year I was still figuring out how to bring a change, help people but never considered music as a medium, always kept it very personal, and something that just belongs to me. After Aar Nanak released, (which I initially recorded just because I liked the lyrics and composition so much) I got a lot of appreciation from people worldwide, but what caught my eye was how affected people were with that track, someone sent me a picture of their two year old son, and wrote to me in Punjabi which translates "My son doesn't sleep until he listens to your track, seems it has become his lullaby forever" and that made my day, followed a lot of comments wherein people said it calmed them, made their day, which lead me to take a decision and make a promise to myself to share this art, this magic with everyone till the end of time, my music, my art doesn't belong just to me, but to all the humanity that can be cured by Guru's Baani through my voice.

Sitting in a quiet room with my fingers playing with the strings of the guitar, chanting Waheguru, the way it calmed me and gave me peace brought a feeling of how in the same way it could calm the world during this global turbulence, that's how I got the inspiration to record Gurmantar.”

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