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Gurbani and Science

The late Bhai Sahib Subedar Dharam Singh Sujjon’s research into the deeper meaning of Gurbani leaves the reader in a sta...

The late Bhai Sahib Subedar Dharam Singh Sujjon’s research into the deeper meaning of Gurbani leaves the reader in a state of wonderment.

He developed his arguments through a questioning approach and from first principles. He was a Gurbani scientist. Some of Bhai Sahib’s articles (in Panjabi) have also been published as “Gurbani Atay Science Di Roshni Wich Akal Purakh” (God In The Light of Gurbani & Science) which has been translated into English as “Gurbani & Science.”

The Mool Mantar is the Primary Mystical Formula at the beginning of the Sikh Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib. Bhai Sahib interpreted the Mool Mantar in the light of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s further clarification in Jaap Sahib, “Achal Moorat Anbhau Prakaas Ametoj Kahejjai.” I am not aware of any scholar who has interpreted this profound revelation by Guru Gobind Singh Ji with such relevance to modern science. The import of these Words in the context of the opening “Tav Prasaad, Chhapay Chhand” of Jaap Sahib is as follows:

Waheguru, the Wondrous Dispeller of Darkness, is Infinite Energy (Ametoj) and is not an individual (not viakti) but Infinite Power (Shakti). Through conscious (self-aware) manifestation (anbhau prakaas), the perfect energy (pooran shakti) changes from potential form i.e. un-manifest, motionless form (Achal Moorat), which is without any visible qualities (Nirgun Saroop), to dynamic energy in manifest form with unlimited variety of qualities (as Sirgun Saroop). The Infinite Self-aware Motionless Energy (Achal Moorat), through Own Will, manifests itself as dynamic energy which is a living force. That is the One and only, Nirgun/Sirgun Ik Onkar.

Tis bhaavae tan karay bisthaar. Tis bhaavae tan Ekankar. (GGS. 294)
At Own Will, The (Self-aware) Singularity expands or contracts.

Pasreo Aap hoay anat trang ( GGS 275)
Expands Himself (by Own Will) as endless waves

(In Benti Chaopai, Guru Gobind Singh Ji conveys the same message.)
Jabb udkarakh kara Kartara. Parja dharat tabb deh apara.

When the Creator Being uses His expanding action or energy (udkarakh), He creates numerous people and bodies.

Jab akarakh karat ho kab hoon. Tumm mai milat deh dhar sabh-hoon.
When You use Your contracting energy (akarakh), all are absorbed in You.

So, from Conscious Singularity stage, at Own Will, the Creator expands into all-connected creation as a Universal Field of Energy, and contracts back to motionless unmanifest existence (Achal Moorat). Except for the “self-awareness” (anbhao – same as anbhav in this context) aspect, which makes the infinite energy a living entity in religion (Jagat Jot), it seems modern physics, cosmology and time-space theories would agree with the rest. And so the two sciences - physical science and the spiritual Gurbani science – begin to converge.

The following argument has been put forward to show that the Creator, as Electromagnetic Force or the Universal Field of Energy lives and is life-giving (that it has “praan shakti”): The argument is that only a living organism can procreate and give life to another. The universe was created from electromagnetic energy. Thus the same energy is responsible for life in the universe and is a living (and life creating) entity.

The articles in Bhai Sahib’s book “Gurbani & Science.” cover diverse topics, mostly in the context of modern science. Bhai Sahib investigates different aspects of Sikh ideology and way of life: the great spiritual significance of Amrat Sanskar (Sikh initiation ceremony) Gurbani recitation and Kirtan (religious singing) how the mind can be turned inwards to discover its own divine nature (jot saroop), the need for the Guru, salvation and the beginning and end of creation, to mention a few.

One interesting item is about the Five Regions (Panj Khand) described in Japuji Sahib. Bhai Sahib concludes that these are in fact five regions or actual spheres of existence just like this world. In scientific terms, it is possible for various wave frequencies to occupy the same space in the electromagnetic spectrum. Co-existence of different regions relating to different wave frequency bands (in the electromagnetic spectrum) is possible.

Essentially, when discussing Gurbani and Science, Bhai Sahib finds factors common to both disciplines in concepts such as various forms of energy (shakti) nature of matter (as space and energy) Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity (e.g. what happens when the speed of light is approached, and about time and space) along with the link between mind and matter. And so he probes the true reality behind what we see as our “reality”. The final question, whether there is an all-pervading life force (praan shakti) needs further scientific confirmation. Gurbani leaves no doubt that the presence of the Self-aware Living Light (Jagat Jot) is in everything and that the scientific division between organic and inorganic matter is artificial and that the life force is in everything, in every energy form to the smallest sub-particles and waves of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Manifest form of the Infinite Energy Being is One self-aware electromagnetic force. One living body, within which all creation is; within which we all are. Time and distance are an illusion and so is self-centred individuality, which separates one being from another, and the individual soul from the Perfect Energy (Puran Shakti). Creation is not “many” but one body (vraat sarir) of Akal Purakh manifesting His countless qualities i.e. His Sargun Saroop. Therefore, self-centred individuality is an illusion, a dream from which we need to wake up with the Guru’s Grace (Nadar.)

In his book, Bhai Sahib expands on the profound revelations in the Mool Mantar and the opening Chhapay Chhand of Jaap Sahib. Other references in Gurbani equate the Manifest Form of Akal Purakh to light or “waves” (trang.) “Ek Noor te sabh jagg upjia.” From the One (the same) light all creation is created. Scientific research to date confirms this fact. At the lowest (founding) level, visible Creation is in the form of wave energy. Nothing is “solid” as we see the world. Even within the atom, only 1 part out of 10,000 is electricity, the rest is space – just emptiness! Electricity is wave energy and not “solid.” Place any “solid” particle under an infinitely powerful microscope and it will reveal that “Every solid particle in the universe turned out to be ghostly bundle of energy vibrating in an immense void.” (Dr Pardip Chopra MD in his book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind.”)

Atomic sub-particles, protons, neutrons and electrons, turn out to be no more than bundles of wave energy. These bundles of energy turn “on/off” millions of times in a second, popping in and out of existence! In the same way that the rapidly moving picture-frames give us the illusion of moving objects on a cinema screen, so the waves of energy, the building blocks of the universe, give the illusion of solid objects when in fact there is only the living force of the Infinite Energy (Jaagat Jot) and nothing else. The universe is in fact “empty” and time/space is an illusion as are the “solid” objects in the universe. All visible Creation is connected in the Universal Field of Energy; and it is One. Science confirms that our “reality” is only apparent or virtual. There is only the ever awake Light, the Jaagat Jot, the Creator’s conscious energy and the rest is illusion.

The Motionless Existence or Entity (Achal Moorat) expands from One (Ek) and manifests as light and sound. The Light is “Jot” and the sound is heard as “Shabad dhun”. Bhai Sahib (quoting Bhai Gurdas’ Vaars 12 and 26) comes to the conclusion that the Shabad dhun is heard by the saintly as “Waheguru” the Gur-Shabad. This is the “Naam” which is recited by Gursikhs.

Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity states that time slows down as an object approaches the speed of light and time stops at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second.) Where there is no time there is no space and no past present or future. All is “here and now.” No one can reach this speed as it requires infinite force; only the mind (thought) can reach this state of “here and now” which is timeless (amar.) This state of the mind is “brahm-avastha” reached only by the brahm-gyani whose mind becomes attuned to the Timeless Being, the Akal Purakh (Brahm gyani aap Parmesar – Sukhmani Sahib.) In this state, thought creates “reality” in our time/space world. Thus, “kautaks.” or apparent “miracles” by some saintly beings may be explained from a scientific viewpoint. However, one suspects that despite Einstein’s theories, which carry much authority, for the time being at least, such mind/matter stuff is for philosophical and religious discussions only.

Nadar (Grace) literally means “look of divine benevolence” in Sikhi. The Creator as the Omnipresent Awake Energy (Jagat Jot) is aware of all that is in every mind at every moment (Ghat ghat ke pat pat ki janat. Or “Ghat ghat ke antar ki janat; Bhale buray ki pirr pshanat.” – Chaopai.)

Prayer, uttered in all humility in which one is freed from self-centred ego, invokes Waheguru’s Nadar (Waheguru’s compassion,) which can break the cycle of Karma. The law is that what we sow, so shall we reap; but the all-knowing Waheguru’s Nadar can intervene and change that. The human soul can be freed from the cycle of births and deaths through Ardaas (supplication) and recitation of Naam.

(Note: Bhai Sahib Dharam Singh Sujjon remained in touch with me for a number of years and sent some handwritten scripts in Punjabi.)

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