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What is Funjabi Tuition?
Is your child a Panjabi Star in the making? Do they want to learn to read, write and speak Panjabi in a fun but structured environment? If so, Funjabi Tuition is the place for them to be. Created and taught by Panjabi tutor and children's book author, Kiran Lyall, Funjabi Tuition teaches children Panjabi (Gurmukhi) through books, music, games and even a bit of acting!

On the 22nd June 2019, Funjabi Tuition launched their Youtube channel with their first children’s song, The Rung Song. A song which helps children to learn their Panjabi colours through everyday lyric association. The official video stars Funjabi Tuition’s very own characters, The Pullpots. It’s simple lyrics and catchy beat will have you singing along in no time. 


Tutor, Kiran Lyall has always loved writing music as a hobby. However, since starting her Funjabi Tuition journey, Kiran has adapted her song writing style to suit younger ears. As the years have passed and with the pressure to deliver a new song or chant each term, Kiran has now penned over ten children’s songs/nursery rhymes for Funjabi Tuition.

Funjabi Tuition
Published on Jun 22, 2019
Hello everyone, let’s learn our Panjabi colours with The Pullpots. Join Baba Jee (Grandad) Pullpot in his colour changing jeep and sing along to The Rung Song. You’ll soon be tapping your feet and shrugging your shoulders to the bhangra beat. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

The Pullpots
Driver: Baba Jee (Grandad)
Front Passenger: Bibi Jee (Grandma)
Back Seat: Grandchildren - Happy, Sunny and Honey

Singers: Funjabi Tuition
Copyright: Funjabi Tuition
Lyrics and Composition: Kiran Lyall
Music Production: DJ Stin
Artwork: Venisha Sudra
Animation: Huw Davies

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