Our homeland, Punjab, is facing disastrous environmental challenges and EcoSikh has taken several initiatives to make a difference. In September 2018, EcoSikh had launched Guru Nanak 550 Campaign with a global target of planting 1 million trees by planting 550 trees at 1820 spots globally to celebrate 550th Gurpurab of Guru Nanak.

In continuance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Gurpurab, EcoSikh has persistently strived to create Micro-Forests using Miyawaki methodology safeguarding and restoring the purity of Environment.

In the past 9 months since March 2019, EcoSikh has planted 138 beautiful and thriving forests in Punjab and in states outside Punjab. Starting from Gill Patti Bathinda, we have now covered Sangrur, Ludhiana, Moga, Fatehgarh Sahib, Ropar, Jalandhar, Mansa, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Faridkot, Samana, Kapurthala, Patiala, Mohali in Punjab and amongst the other states our sacred forests exist in Gujrat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and one in Kasur, Pakistan.

Additionally, EcoSikh has conducted various Forest Training Workshops in Bhatinda, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, and Rajasthan during the past 8 months where several dozen young people were trained in forest making and these workshops were conducted by Shubendhu Sharma, a legendary forest creator in the world. He has been planting hundreds of forests in 13 countries. The purpose of this training was to create a network of environmental leaders from all over Punjab who would plant sacred forests for the betterment of the state’s worsening ecology. Today we have a team of 17 expert forest makers to help in making Punjab green and make a livelihood in this profession.


Above is the picture of EcoSikh Forest Makers Training Workshop at the sacred land of Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College was the venue where a Guru Nanak Sacred Forests of 550 trees were planted this year. Over 50 young people from all over Punjab and India got the training to become forest makers and this was done in collaboration with the college officials. This was the first time, EcoSikh's own staff conducted their training and successfully created these eco-warriors!

NOW EcoSikh is fully equipped to train future forest makers in India. Hurray!
Great News!
Dear EcoSikh Supporter,

We would like to share an exciting news about EcoSikh's journey and achievements since December 2019 when we hosted a gala event in Washington.

We have planted several dozen more Guru Nanak Sacred Forests (GNSF) this year while it was a total lockdown in Punjab and other parts of India. Now the total number of forests planted by EcoSikh is 180.

Guru Nanak Sacred Forests planted using Miyawaki methodology are -

30 times denser
10 times faster growth rate
100 times more bio-diverse
100% organic
Over 95% survival
Guaranteed growth of at least 1 meter per year
Maintenance-free, wild and native indigenous forest after 3 years

EcoSikh is confident that the goal of planting 1 million trees can be achieved and importantly, it will have thousands of people in the South Asia region inspired and motivated to take action to save earth. These forests helps to reduce the carbon content of the air, make it cleaner and healthier for humans, help to attract clouds and hence more rain, retain the nutrients and moisture in the soil, improve the groundwater level and so much more. This will be a long lasting impact of EcoSikh's vision of celebrating Guru Nanak's 550th birth-anniversary.

Human activities are contributing to extreme weather events, global warming and emergence of pandemics. We humans need to improve our relationship with the environment.

EcoSikh is providing the ultimate solution to the challenges that all of us are facing. It is here to help you nurture this passion for nature. We need your support and participation to continue on this journey.

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Checkout this following video of a EcoSikh Forest after 14 months!



Mattewara Forest is the lungs of Punjab

EcoSikh Took a Stand Against the Destruction of Punjab's Only Forest!

Punjab Cabinet recently took a decision to convert part of Punjab's rare Mattewara forest to be developed into industrial units and factories.

This forest is the only reservoir of bio-diversity in the state. It is located on the banks of river Sutlej and is a natural sanctuary to a number of peacocks, antelopes, deer, sambars and various other creatures which are close to extinction in Punjab.

The destruction of the forest will have very major effects on Punjab's ecology and environment. The state has less than 4% forest area left.

The decision by the cabinet must be reversed in favor of a breathing Punjab! EcoSikh received a wide coverage in the media and we successfully raised the awareness against this destruction. We will continue to raise this issue with the highest political offices and other decision makers.

We need your support!

At EcoSikh we believe that post COVID-19, nature conservation will remain the prime way to save the entire world from future pandemics. We are continuing with our commitment to keep the focus on climate issues. We need your support and participation.

EcoSikh appeals all to VOLUNTEER and SUPPORT this cause in every capacity.

To join the EcoSikh team please [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>.

If you believe taking action is the solution to the climate and environmental crises that we face, we sincerely hope you’ll make a gift to support our work.

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Let's do this for future generations!
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