We usually spend our school holidays getting together with cousins and for a bit of fun we started creating videos, a mixture of comedy related to Punjabi culture and Sikhi.

We love watching YouTube, particularly comedy and vlog, and were inspired to create our own channel!

We also love Lego, we could play with Lego for hours on end so we decided to incorporate this with the fun Sikhi presentations we do at our local Gurdwara Khalsa club!

We are active, dramatic and creative kids with a passion for Sikhi so during this pandemic we decided to overcome our boredom with some comedy and video! 

During these testing times we thought it would be ideal to start our YouTube and Instagram channel to entertain families whilst under lockdown, we’ve added gymnastics and hopefully be adding cooking videos too, as well as crafts and educational videos.

We Hope you enjoy whilst we learn a little along the way! Thank you for watching and your support! Stay safe! 

A few brown kids! 

(Jaipreet Kaur, Abhay singh, Mahaveer singh, kirpa Kaur & joban Kaur)

 Life in a Lego Gurdwara, Baba ji & Fateh singh

How to do a forward roll, gymnastics with a joora/keski/patka

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