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Moga, Punjab, 20 September : EcoSikh along with Petals Society inaugurated the first ever Garden based on Sikh scriptures. ‘Guru Granth Sahib Garden’ a 5 acre oasis of nature, is located in Patto Hira Singh village in Moga, Punjab.

This garden is first of its kind with 58 species of trees, shrubs, crops, plants mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scriptures. 6000 shrubs and trees have been meticulously planted with a related reference from gurbani along with its meaning.

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Many well-known personalities of repute attended this inaugural event. Among them were Prof. Manjit Singh (Former Jathedar, Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahih, Bir Singh (Singer and Writer), Dr. Surjit Patar (Poet and Chairman, Punjab Arts Council), Jaswant Singh Zafar (Poet and writer), Shubhendu Sharma (Founder, Afforest), Ravneet Singh (South Asia Project Manager, EcoSikh), Supreet Kaur (President, EcoSikh), Dr. Balwinder Singh Lakhewali (Environment Expert) and Sukhchain Singh (Patto Hira Singh), Professor Sukhwant Singh, (Musician) and  and Charan Singh (EcoSikh Forest convener, Mumbai). In addition, representatives of various Sikh organizations and community members from surrounding areas were present.

Prof. Manjit Singh and Surjit Patar performed the curtain raiser ceremony of the inaugural stone following a prayer.

In his address to the audience Prof Manjit Singh ji said “Sikh Gurus used nature as an example to teach life lessons. This unique project brings forth that message beautifully and powerfully. Over 500 years ago, Sikh Gurus exhorted humans to not exploit nature but to live in harmony with it.

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Speaking at this event, Dr. Surjit Patar said “This garden reminds us that we ought to be mindful about our dependency on nature and must have a compassionate view towards our surroundings and other living beings. This garden shows the positive legacy of the spiritual leaders of the Indian sub-continent of over 500 years.”

Addressing the media the event Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh South Asia project Manager, said “ This garden is the first such garden hosting all the trees mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib. The idea behind this Garden is to inspire people towards environmental conservation and preservation of traditional flora and fauna.”
He added, “We are thankful to members of Petals society and village of Patto Hira Singh for offering this land for Guru Granth Sahib Bagh. ”  

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Supreet Kaur, President of EcoSikh said, “This garden will attract scientists, researchers, educators because of its educational value. This would be used as a tool to create positive relationship of younger people with the environment."

Dr. Rajwant Singh, global chairman of EcoSikh, said, “Destruction of nature by humans has brought so much havoc around the globe and poor people have suffered the most. This garden will nudge us to recognize our collective responsibility to do whatever possible to save Mother Earth. We have to act according to Sikh Guru’s vision.”

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Shubhendu Sharma of Afforest said, “I am thoroughly impressed by this heavenly atmosphere at the garden and EcoSikh has a fantastic job in envisioning this project. The diversity in Guru Granth Sahib is now being reflected in diversity of plants and trees at this Garden. “

Towards the end of the event, all the guests along with media and the attendees took a tour of the garden to appreciate the blissful merger of faith and nature.

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For over a decade, EcoSikh has been working on environmental issues in Punjab, India, and North America. It has represented Sikh community on various national and international platforms on climate change and sustainable development. It has been invited by the White House, United Nations and is working with the World Economic Forum.

For more information and images visit EcoSikh here. 

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