Jasleen Kaur of BCM School has scored 92 per cent marks in Class-X exams. She is suffering from Locomotive Disorder. Her fingers of hands and feet have not developed and she can write only with her thumb and little finger. But this disability has not deterred her from performing well.

Talking to The Tribune, Jasleen said she never felt inferior because of her disability. “Rather, I have taken it as my strength to prove the world that I can do and perform like any other normal human being. Secondly, I have not kept any tuition and believe in self-study. I used to study for 4-5 hours,” she said.

Her father Narinder Singh, who is a businessman, said: “Once a child teased her for having ‘broken fingers’ when she was small. But then, we made her realise that this should not put her in low spirits and she should prove that she is better than others and she did. We are so proud of her. She is bubbly and a happy child, who never cribs for anything and that is her strength.”

On being asked if she felt any difficulty while writing with just two fingers, Jasleen said now, she was used to it and the speed of writing has also improved with time. She could compete with all batch mates as far as writing is concerned. “I thank all those who teased me as this has evolved me into a strong girl, who can fulfil her dreams,” Jasleen said.

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