Wearing face masks is now part of our daily lives amid the Covid-19 pandemic but it can get tricky for those who wear head scarves and turbans.

Eleven-year-old Sikh boy, Karan, who is deaf and mute, saw his father struggling with his mask and designed an extender to help make daily wear more comfortable.

Karan Singh is a student at Infinite Minds Academy which carries technology related programmes for special needs children of all spectrum.

His teacher, Kiren Kaur, says, "This boy is very creative. He doesn't come from a very rich family. He didn't buy the mask he is wearing, he sewed his own, for his parents and for himself... So he came up with what we call the "face mask extender" for the Punjabis... From word of mouth the popularity if this item has spread to the U.S. and India. The academy has received order from corporations and companies to custom-make the extender. 

All proceeds from the sales go to Karan's future education. 

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