My journey with SikhNet started when I was in a moment of intense, personal struggle. SikhNet can help so many people the way it helped me.

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SikhNet & Dasvandh Network together for Dasvandh Week

We have some exciting news to share! SikhNet is collaborating with Dasvandh Network to support an ambitious new project! 

With your support, this year we will release our new animations in a bi-lingual format. Whenever SikhNet releases a new animation in English, we simultaneously release the same animation in Punjabi.

Please read on to learn more about this project! 

In the old days, grandparents and village elders told stories and these stories spoke of rich Sikh history and these lessons from history helped us navigate modern life. Today that's not so easy. SikhNet Stories makes stories accessible online. We have over 125 stories available. Yet - one of our biggest requests has been to offer the stories in Punjabi - we have only three so far.  

SikhNet is joining Dasvandh Network for Dasvandh Week this year to raise money for this project and we invite you to support it. Donations for this project will be matched by Dasvandh Network but only if you use these links to the Dasvandh Network website to donate! 

Our goal is to animate and release at least SIX more stories in English and Punjabi during 2023. Your contribution of any amount will help us continue this important work. Head over to Dasvandh Network today to support this project.

Donations of up to $400 will be matched (one per person). 

There are prizes for the highest number of unique (new-to-Dasvandh Network) donors  - we could win an extra $10,000. Please tell your friends, family and sangat! 

Will you join us today and support sharing our rich Sikh history through sakhis and stories in English AND Punjabi?

Remember: "A sakhi a day helps keep kalyug at bay!"

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