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Over the last 12 months the Sikh History Series Podcast has been going from strength to strength, from  translating, towriting and recording an inspirational podcast on Sikh History in English, to drawing from the original Sikh resources and texts for their information, to doing Anti bullying self defence seminars across the U.K, to their latest project Gurbani visualisation videos.

They have recently on their social media accounts been putting out these Gurbani Visualisation videos which feature the written Shabads, an English Translation, the audio Gurbani recitation and images or video clips which help explain the Bani.

The aim they say is to inspire the online sangat to engage with Gurbani more and so far they have been having some excellent results.

Below are just a few comments in response to the recent videos.

"These videos have really touched me, and inspired me to connect with Gurbani at a deeper level, please keep producing them"

"Wow, this has ignited a flame inside to read bani everyday now, the visuals really caputured something in me to explore Gurbani more"

"Dude, i just learnt that shabad off by heart just from this video"

Please see the Sikh History Podcast social media accounts for more: 
Tiktok:  sikhhistoryseries

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