Coronavirus Diaries Blog 2 - My Doctor Thinks I Have It

My head was hurting and my entire body felt very run down. I figured it was stress and anxiety....

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I was so careful. I was washing my hands. I was using hand sanitizer. I was staying away from people and practicing social distancing. I was drinking a lot of water so that the virus could go into my stomach and the acid in my stomach could kill it. I was drinking tea with lemon and honey. I was even wearing gloves!

They said that 70% to 80% of the population would get it. I was hoping that I would be in the 20% to 30%. And if I did happen to be in the 70% to 80% that it wouldn't be so soon. That it would happen after a few weeks or maybe even a few months. But a few days ago I started feeling a bit off. . . .

My head was hurting and my entire body felt very run down. I figured it was stress and anxiety. Then my throat started hurting. It felt a bit scratchy and itchy and it hurt sometimes when I swallowed. And then it came. The dangerous and treacherous symptom that has everybody stop and stare the moment they hear it: The cough. The f&%$ing dry cough.

It wasn't continuous. It was random. Continuously random!  I didn't have it. I couldn't have it. I am still pretty young and I am pretty healthy. (I love my veggies and I've been eating extra blueberries lately because they are antioxidants!) So no, this couldn't be it. I have suffered from allergies my whole life. When I lived in Houston, Texas I would get sinus infections all of the time. I even picked up a throat infection and tonsillitis when I lived there! But ever since I moved to Scotland, by the Grace of God, the number of times I got infections reduced dramatically because there is much less pollen here in Scotland than in Houston. I can't even remember the last time I got a sinus infection over here.

So maybe I was overdue for a sinus infection?! I have a sharp pain in my head. My whole body feels ill. And I am incredibly low on energy. I didn't have a fever but I have the chills (But, it's cold here, so you know?) It was time to call the doctor. He or she would just prescribe me some antibiotics and I'd be back to normal in a few days, right?! I called to make an appointment but due to the current situational pandemic that we are currently living in, they scheduled a phone consultation for me. Nice. A doctor from my local GP called me yesterday and I told her about all of my symptoms. They have my record on file so they know about my allergies. I wonder how soon I'll be able to get my antibiotics?

After telling my doctor about all of my aches and pains, she then said this: "Under normal circumstances I would say that you probably have a viral throat infection, however under the current climate that we are in right now, I think that you need to self isolate for 7 days."


I responded with, "Wait a minute, do you think I have the Coronavirus? Don't I need to get tested???"

She said, "Only those with severe symptoms who are admitted into the hospital get tested. However, in young people like yourself you will only experience mild flu like symptoms like the ones you've described. You don't have any underlying health conditions. You will be fine. You just need to self isolate for 7 days."

I was shocked. I still am shocked. I've been doing everything that I was supposed to do. I started working from home this week. Last week my company was trying to get everything set up so I was just going into the city centre for work and then straight home everyday! Although I was taking the bus, half as many people were on it so I always had two seats to myself and I was wearing gloves!!! How could this happen?

The doctor said I would be fine but what if I'm not? What if I don't make it? A few hours after that phone call, my chest started feeling tight and I was really "short of breath." Was this anxiety or was this the coronavirus attacking my lungs and every other organ in my body? How long have I had it for? Did I infect anyone else? Who infected me? Maybe that last hand wash was 10 seconds, not 20 seconds. Will my husband be okay? Should I start writing my will? If I die in Scotland, my family and friends in America won't even be able to travel to attend my funeral!!!!

That was me yesterday.

After some more lemon tea, paracetamol, and about 9 to 10 hours of sleep I am a bit more calm this morning. A BIT! I am not going to lie though. My head still hurts and my body still feels run down and my throat still hurts. The tightness in my chest is gone though so that's good. . . .

The UK finally went into lockdown I think just two days ago. While I am happy they finally took that step, I wish it happened earlier. And the U.S. . . . Lord have mercy, what are they doing??? Some states are on lockdown and some aren't? Some people have been self isolating for over 10 days now and some are partying on the beaches of Florida and California for spring break? The president said that everything should re-open by Easter so the economy doesn't get worse? Meanwhile he wants to buy the vaccination that Germany is working on and have it exclusively for Americans? He said that copays and deductibles for testing for the Coronavirus would be waived however those who are not insured are having to pay $125 for a "test."  I say "test" because the actually saliva tests are so limited in the States that Americans are having to take a questionnaire test to see if they have it or not. And that stupid pen and paper questionnaire costs $125! Ridiculous! What's even crazier is that on the questionnaire it asks, "Have you been around anyone or made contact with anyone with the coronavirus covid-19?"

If people don't show symptoms for the first 7 days and if they themselves don't know if they have it or not then how on Earth would someone who has made contact with them possibly know if they have it or not?

To all of the "young and healthy" people who come across this blog, my request to you: Don't depend on the government to tell you what to do. I think that they are just as confused as we are, if not more. Stay your A$$ at home! The symptoms are not just a dry cough and a high fever. It could be a lot milder than that. Pay attention to your body and pay attention to how you are feeling.

You don't come into contact with the elderly? Okay great. But you could pass it to another young person who could pass it to another young person who could pass it to another young person and THAT young person could pass it on to their grandparents. That temporary feeling of my chest feeling tight was so scary. I dread to think that is how the elderly might feel 24/7 if they get it. We didn't learn from China. We aren't learning from Italy or Spain. Our countries are weeks away from the same unimaginable heartbreak and tragedy.

Until I take a proper covid-19 test, myself nor the doctor will never really be 100% sure if I have it or not. But whatever I do have, it's not fun and it's not nice. Doing simple tasks takes it out of me and that's not how I want to live even if it is for just 7 days. I could be doing something way more productive in that 7 days.

I read yesterday that Prince Charles tested positive for the Coronavirus and that he is now self isolating in Scotland. Great choice. I too shall be self isolating in Scotland. :)

Bhull Chuk Maaf
Christine Kaur

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