This beautiful four-part series on Holistic Success has been created by Bhupinder Singh for SikhNet.   He takes his inspiration from his wealth of life experience and experience with Shri Guru Granth Sahib.  It is aimed especially at people who are at a pivotal point or time in their own lives and have not the information or experience to guide them. 

Change is the only Constant is the second part of this series and explores internal and external change and how they take place in the instances of living with and without Guru- Looking at how change manifests itself in both circumstances. 

When we are masters of the mind, when we start listening to Guru, change can be revolutionary. Once we wake up to true existence, happiness and bliss naturally follows. 

In this second episode Bhupinder Singh shares

  • How to prepare for changes
  • How to see change as an opportunity. 

This 4- part series on Holistic Sucess is part of our "Inspirations Videos" content for SikhNet and is made possible by your support.

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