Caring for our Hair and Skin

One of the ways to naturally maintain the health of the body that was gifted to us by God is to use oils.

Research from the National Institute of Health suggests that the more spiritual one’s life is, the healthier one is and the faster one recovers from illness. This shows the deep interconnectedness between our connection with God and staying healthy. One of the ways to naturally maintain the health of the body that was gifted to us by God is to use oils. From caring for your beard and skin to creating a focused and alert mind, using the oils discussed below will help ensure high levels of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Kesh and the Importance of Oil for the Hair

As one of the five Kakars, Kesh is sacred for many Sikhs around the world. Since we allow the hair on our head, face and body to continue to grow as a mark of respect for the perfection of God’s creation, we must also care for it in a sacred manner.

When looking for an oil that keeps your hair hydrated and healthy, make sure you find something cold-pressed, that is packed with vitamin E and Omega-3 oils. The former strengthens the capillaries, which carry blood to the scalp to strengthen hair follicles, while the latter helps keratin to form, which is the primary protein that exists naturally in hair. vitamin E and Omega-3 oils can be found apricot, almond, avocado and coconut oil. Rub this into your hair to keep it thick and strong as it grows.

Stay Spiritual with a Healthy Mind Built on EFAs

Meditation and prayer require a clear mind that can function at its optimal level. Part of the respect we have for the body that was gifted to is providing the very best nutrients to our brains. This can involve a largely plant-based diet, but can also be supplemented using EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids.)

EFAs are a type of fat that your body needs, but which it cannot manufacture. Our bodies require these special fats (lipids) because they make it possible, among other important functions, for sufficient oxygen to reach our cells. These special fats are highly oxygen-absorbing and great for mental health, memory and clarity of mind. There are great plant-based alternatives to the commonly used fish oil supplements.

Fish are not a recommended source of EFAs because almost all fish available commercially contain high levels of mercury and other heavy metals, even if they are raised in captivity (farmed.) Mercury is now associated with many diseases including lupus and autoimmune thyroid conditions as well as IQ damage and epilepsy in children.

Sikh-Friendly Skincare

On the SikhNet Youth Q&A Forum, young women describe the insecurity that their skin causes them – having blackheads and acne on their face, and even on the chest, shoulders and back.

85% of people will experience acne at some point in their life, but 40% do nothing about it. It may sound counter-intuitive, but oils can be a simple and effective way to maintain a clear and hydrated face. If you have oily, dry or acne-prone skin, it is recommended that you regularly apply chia oil. This natural ingredient will not damage the skin, but will gently restore moisture from deep within and actually remove excessive oil buildup. The high fibre and omega-3 content allows skin cells to restore and revive, strengthening them and reducing signs of aging.

As Sikhs we understand that our human body is a Harimandir, a temple of God. As such, it is our duty to maintain its health so that we can be more effective sevadars.

We can do this through a good work-life balance, adequate sleep, meditation, a varied and balanced plant-rich diet and plenty of exercise. However, if you are looking for a quick and effective way to keep your skin, hair and mind strong and healthy, then the oils listed above will help you achieve this.

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