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The Patka is a head covering that holds great significance for Sikh boys and their faith, yet many people are unfamiliar with it, even though many students in Peel schools wear it. To address this knowledge gap, Rosey Kaur, an educator in Valleywood, has created an educational tool called "The Patka Box." The box contains two patkas, two wooden patka crafts, a story and a guide about the patka, a tutorial on how to tie it, and information about its significance.

Kaur was inspired to create the Patka Box after helping a teacher friend who had a Sikh boy in her class with an undone patka. Realizing the need for an educational resource on the patka, Kaur created 500 boxes, which have received positive responses from teachers and schools across Canada, the US, and the UK. The box allows children to touch a patka and create their own designs, satisfying their curiosity while respecting the religious significance of the article.




Kaur is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and plans to create more educational boxes. As a Sikh herself, she believes in including everyone and wants to raise awareness about the patka and its importance during Sikh heritage month in April. Those interested in learning more about the Patka Box can contact Kaur at [email protected] or @early_concepts on Instagram.

Check out Kaur's CBC story at: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/patka-box-1.6782198

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