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Brahmins played an important role during the time of Sikh Gurus, although their contributions have not received much attention until now. Among the 35 authors whose writings are included in Guru Granth Sahib, 16 were Brahmins, making up 45% of the contributors. The Bhatt Brahmins were particularly significant as they sang and wrote praises for the Sikh Gurus. Remarkably, 11 of them even sacrificed their lives for the sake of Sikhism while the Gurus were still alive. In recognition of their dedication, the Gurus bestowed upon them the honourable title of "preacher" (Manjis).

Respect for Brahmins during Bhakti Movement 

In his research titled "Brahmin Bhala Aakhiye," Iqbal Singh, senior superintendent of police Amritsar (rural), highlights the crucial point that the Sikh Gurus held a deep respect for Brahmins and their contributions to the Bhakti movement. Singh, a Cop-turned-scholar emphasizes that these Brahmins from distant places like Jagannath, Kashi, Gaya, Brindaban, Kurukshetra, Lahore, Jhelum, Kashmir, Gorakhpur, Jodhpur, and Gwalior played significant roles in society due to their abilities and commitment.

The Sikh Gurus entrusted important tasks to these Brahmins because they understood and interpreted the teachings of Gurmat for the common people effectively, given their Brahmanical background. Iqbal Singh's research highlights the respect and role of Brahmins in the Bhakti movement and how they contributed to a society based on their capabilities and understanding of Gurmat.

In the past, he has written a book called "Musalman Kahawan Muskal," aiming to show the positive role of Muslims. Additionally, the SSP has written five books on Sikh history and philosophy and numerous newspaper articles.Furthermore, the officer has provided valuable information to Gurbani researchers. 

As SSP Iqbal Singh received praise from former DGPs, including K.P.S. Gill, for submitting confidential reports that resulted in the recovery of weapons and the elimination of terrorists. 

Need to create more awareness of Brahmin contributions 

Praising Iqbal Singh's efforts in highlighting the contributions of Brahmins in Guru Granth Sahib, former jathedar of Akal Takht, Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, encouraged Sikh researchers to explore this subject further and emphasize the role played by Brahmins. He stressed the importance of educating the upcoming generation about the support provided by Brahmins in compiling the holy book.

In the preface, former Nagaland Governor O.P. Sharma praised Iqbal Singh's diligent efforts, acknowledging his exceptional research on the challenging assignment as truly brilliant.


*Based on an article by Sanjay Bumbroo, published in The Tribune on 17th November 2008

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