Ameet Gill has published a beautiful new book: Gallan: Conversations Inspired by Gurmukhi Alphabets

The authors passion and creativity in linguistics and art are readily apparent in the way she introduces, explains, and elaborates on the Gurmukhi alphabet script, which is the underlying theme of the book. The script letters, example sentences, and their vocalization and meaning are all handwritten, which gives it a personal touch and furthermore encourages the reader to practice writing by hand. The book is beautifully illustrated using colorful hand drawn painting of the Punjabi words. 

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This book is more an introduction to the Gurmukhi script and Punjabi language, as it also provides delightful insight into the Punjabi culture and heritage using for example poetry, children’s games, clothing, animals, household objects as well as musical instruments. I consider this book to be a must have for children who are engaged in the early stages of their endeavour to become conversant with the Punjabi language script and language. Furthermore, it is equally valuable for both parents and teachers who are engaged in introducing the Punjabi language to their children and students.

I as Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, have over 35 plus years, practiced in a Profession that values and integrates art and science to create and invent novel solution to help society at large. It is my slightly biased but humble opinion that “Gallan” helps to impart introductory Punjabi linguistic knowledge and culture in ways that I yet not encountered in other such works.

To summarize I whole heartedly recommend this specific book as it both a delightful read, visually stunning and provides into Punjabi cultural and heritage in a manner that I have not come across before.

Karan Vir Inder Singh Kaler, B.Sc.(Hons),  Ph.D.Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary

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Gallan: Conversations inspired by Gurmukhi Alphabets|Paperback

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