Bio-electromagnetic energy

The entire universe is made of energy....

The entire universe is made of energy. God is the Creator of the entire universe from this energy and ultimate energy provider to all beings. This energy creates and changes into various forms. This change is continuous; hence the entire forms are continuously changing. The energy is the base of these changes and these changes form life and physical body. He creates the subtle body from its energy and from subtle body He creates the physical body out of matter as its replica. Then He puts the mind and soul into it. The God is thus the Giver of the life energy, of mind, body and soul , and preserves and protect our soul, energy of life, body and wealth.

The body consists of four major parts: the physical body (tan), the subtle or energy body (pran), the mind (man) and the soul (jyot). These all join to make life. The physical body is visible, the subtle body is not. Physical body has blood system, which supplies blood to each part of the body and through nervous system controls each part. The subtle body has meridian system in which the meridian lines distribute energy to each part. The subtle body supplies life energy through these meridian lines.

Bioenergetics concerns this change of energy flowing through the living beings. Through bioenergetics we can understand the personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes. Bio-energetic analysis helps combining work with the body and the mind to help people to resolve their emotional problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and joy of living (Brigitte Biggin). This subtle energy can be measured through Lacker Antenna. Lacher Antena measures human energetic meridians and helps understand the human behaviour pattern" (Mayank). By using the protocol of bioenergetics, we can identify the defect in human body and identify if it is organic or environmental, thus the treatment can be either medicinal or vastu based".

After numerous experiments on meridian lines Dr. Kim Bong Han of Pyongyang University established that these meridians are pathways of electricity. According to a report published by him, the width of these meridians is 20 to 30 milli-microns. He prepared point locating instrument with which the meeting points of various meridian lines can be located. He found that the sound could be transferred along with meridians as if on wires. Meridians thus both receive and transfer energy. This meridian system of transfer of energy ensures that the tuning of these meridians in a particle mode and direction would lead to a particular action. If we wish to convey our feelings to someone these could be along with these meridian in the form of sound or light.

Right transfer of energy through light towards the right direction towards a person will ensure that it reaches affects and gets the action done as needed. This is the fundamental theory of effective transfer of energy. Whenever we do any physical or mental work, some energy is spent. To cover up this spent energy we collect energy from various natural resources by ways of water, air and light from the environment and solid food from the earth. Even while sitting under trees we get the life force.

The bio-energy is within as well as outside the body. The energy body in the form of light is observable in the form of colors. For example when we say a person has gone red in anger it shows that the red color energy has spread around. When we say that the person has become white with fear the white color is spread around. Similarly yellow, blue and other colors can also be depicted. These are the body auras; which present not only the colors of energy around the body but also indicate the state of mind of an individual.

The dictionary says aura is "any subtle invisible emanation or exhalation." English literature attribute the origin of aura to a Latin term meaning "air," but Hindu literature insist that it had its origin in the Sanskrit root meaning the spoke of a wheel. This is to remind us that the human aura radiates from the body of the individual in a manner similar to the radiation of the spokes of a wheel from the hub thereof. Most metaphysicians go by the Sanskrit definition while simultaneously seeing value in the Latin definition of an aerial emanation as 'not foreign,' to the real significance of the term. From the photograph it is evident that the body not only receives energy but also emits energy continuously.

The human aura may be described as a fine, ethereal radiation or emanation surrounding each and every living human being. It extends from two to three feet, in all directions, from the body. It assumes an oval shape--a great egg-shaped nebula surrounding the body on all sides for a distance of two or three feet. This aura is sometimes referred to, in ordinary terms, as the "psychic atmosphere" of a person, or as his "magnetic atmosphere." This atmosphere or aura is apparent to a large percentage of persons in the sense of the psychic awareness generally called "feeling," though the term is not a clear one. The majority of persons are more or less aware of that subtle something about the personality of others which can be sensed or felt in a clear though unusual way when the other persons are near by, even though they may be out of the range of the vision. Being outside of the ordinary range of the five senses, we are apt to feel that there is something queer or uncanny about these feelings of projected personality. But every person, deep in his heart, knows them to be realities and admits their effect upon his impressions regarding the persons from whom they emanate. Even small children, infants even, perceive this influence and respond to it in the matter of likes and dislikes.

A Russian Scientist Semyon Davidvich Kirlian and his wife Velentina prepared a camera known as Kirlian Camera which can take photograph of this aura. Photographs taken by Kirlian Photography as obtained from book Sychic Explorer are given below.

Leaf Auras photographed by Kirlian Camera

FingerAuras (11K)
Fingertip aura & Cat's paw aura using Kirlian camera
(Evidence to support the theory that fiery aura causes fabric surface scorching.)

SeedDevelopment (29K)
Various stages of development of Aura of a seed photographed by a Kirlian Camera.

The leakage of vitality takes place through every pore of the body, rather than through any one portion of it. To the highly developed visionary, every human being is seen as surrounded by the egg-shaped aura of two or three feet in depth, more dense and thick in the portion nearest the body, and then gradually becoming more tenuous, thin and indistinct as the distance from the body is increased. By the psychic perception, the aura is seen as a luminous cloud--a phosphorescent flame--deep and dense around the center and then gradually shading into indistinctness toward the edges. As a matter of fact, the aura really extends very much farther than even the best sighting vision can perceive it, and its psychic influence is perceptible at quite a distance in many cases. In this respect it is like any flame on the physical plane--it gradually fades into indistinctness, its rays persisting far beyond the reach of the vision, as may be proved by means of chemical apparatus, etc.

To the highly developed vision, the human aura is seen to be composed of all the colors of the spectrum, the combinations of colors differing in various persons, and constantly shifting in the case of every person. These colors reflect the mental (particularly the emotional) states of the person in whose aura they are manifested. Each mental state has its own particular combination formed from the few elementary colors which represent the elementary mental conditions. As the mind is ever shifting and changing its states, it follows that there will ever be a corresponding series of shifting changes in the colors of the human aura.

The shades and colors of the aura present an ever-changing kaleidoscopic spectacle of wonderful beauty and most interesting character. An expert is able to read the character of any person, as well as the nature of his passing thoughts and feelings, by simply studying the shifting colors of his aura.

Even a normal person is able to at least "feel" the vibrations of the aura from the teacher, though he may not see the colors, and thus be able to interpret the mental states which have caused them. The principle is, of course, the same, as the colors are but the outward appearance of the vibrations themselves, just as the ordinary colors on the physical plane are merely the outward manifestation of vibration of matter.

At times it may be seen as a beautiful, calm, luminous atmosphere, presenting the appearance of a great opal under the rays of the sun. Again, it blazes like the flames of a great furnace, shooting forth great tongues of fire in this direction and that, rising and falling in great waves of emotional excitement or passion, or perhaps whirling like a great fiery maelstrom toward its center, or swirling in an outward movement away from its center. Again, it may be seen as projecting from its depths smaller bodies or centers of mental vibration, which like sparks from a furnace detach themselves from the parent flame and travel far away in other directions--these are the projected thought forms of which the experts speak. These make plain many strange psychic occurrences.

The human aura is a very important and interesting phase of the personality of every individual. The subtle body energy of man is as much the man himself as is the physical body--the complete man being made up of the two bodies. Man invisible is as much the real visible man. As the finer forms of nature are always the most powerful, so is the subtle body more potent than the physical body.

The modern physical science is today offering corroborative proof to the general public, of the existence of the human aura. In Europe especially, a number of scientists have written on the subject of the aura, and have described the result of the experiments in which the aura has been perceived, and even photographed, by means of fluorescent screens, such as are used in taking X-ray photographs etc. Leading authorities in England, France, and still more recently, in Germany, have reported the discovery of a nebulous, hazy, radioactive energy or substance around the body of human beings. In short, they now claim that every human being is radioactive, and that the auric radiation may be registered and perceived by means of a screen composed of certain fluorescent material interposed between the eye of the observer and the person observed.

Aura, Light and Prana relationship
We might as well expect a person to understand the principles of color without having been made acquainted with the principles of light. The fundamental substance of which the human aura is composed is none other than that wonderful principle of nature of which one under the Sanskrit term Prana, but which may be thought of as vital essence, life power, etc. In its broadest sense, Prana really is the principle of energy in nature, but in its relation to living forms it is the vital force which lies at the very basis of manifested Life. It exists in all forms of living things, from the minutest microscopic form up to living creatures on higher planes, as much higher than man as man is higher than the simple microscopic life forms. It permeates them all and renders possible all life activity and functioning. The God is the Support of the mind; the God is the Support of the energy of life. The true purpose of life is to develop his life energy to sustain and then to instill oneself with the God and blossom forth in lush profusion the soul, energy of life, mind and body.

Prana is not the mind or the soul, but is rather the force or energy through which the soul manifests activity, and the mind manifests thought. It is the steam that runs the physical and mental machinery of life. It is the substance of the human aura, and the colors of mental states are manifested in that substance, just as the colors of chemical bodies are manifested in the substance of water. But Prana is not material substance--being the underlying substance of energy or force in nature.

All auras are composed of the substance of Prana and have the characteristic Prana-aura or subtle body energy. It is only the more sensitive organisms that can distinguish the finer vibrations of subtle body energy and only the experienced sight can discern its presence by its colors. With little direction any person may become aware of the presence of the Prana-aura.

The subtle body energy or Prana-aura is the simplest form of energy of the human aura. It is the form or energy, which is more closely bound up with the physical body, and is less concerned with the mental states. The energy of the subtle body spreads 2 to 5 inches around the entire physical body and is called inner magnetic aura. Some of the energy crosses these magnetic waves and are called health aura. Some experienced persons study this aura to find out the energies and the health condition of the individual. Another type of aura called outer aura can be seen up to a meter out side the body. After watching these auras the physical, mental and spiritual condition can be rightly described by the experts. The Prana-aura does show the state of the health of the individual radiating it, and it also really contains physical power and magnetism, which may be and is imparted to others.

The basic Prana-aura is practically colorless; that is to say, it is about the color of the clearest water or a very clear diamond. It is seen to be streaked or marked by very minute, bristle-like lines radiating outward from the physical body of the individual in a manner very like "the quills upon the fretful porcupine," as Shakespeare puts it. In the case of excellent physical health, these bristle-like streaks are stiff and brittle-looking, whereas if the general health of the person be deficient these bristle-like radiation seems to be more or less tangled, twisted or curly, and in some cases present a drooping appearance, and in extreme cases present the appearance of soft, limp fur.

The great auricle circle of protection is a shelter to the soul, mind and body against outside psychic influences directed consciously or unconsciously against the individual. The white light is the radiation of spirit, which is higher than ordinary mind, emotion or body and is master of all. And its power, even though we can but imperfectly represent it even mentally, is such that before its energy, and in its presence, in the aura, all lower vibrations are neutralized and disintegrated.

The white auricle circle will be an effective and infallible armor against all forms of psychic attack or influence, no matter from whom it may emanate, or whether directed consciously or unconsciously. It is a perfect and absolute protection, and the knowledge of its protective power should be sufficient to drive fear from the heart of all who have dreaded psychic influence, "malicious animal magnetism" (so-called), or anything else of the kind or draining of magnetic strength.

The picture below is a photo of Jung Shee Lacy's Aura. It has been placed over the human image to show the relationship of the colors to the body.

HumanAura (72K)

The auricle circle is, of course, really egg-shaped, or oval, for it fringes the aura as the shell cases the egg. See yourself, mentally, as surrounded by this great white auric circle of protection, and let the idea sink into your consciousness. Realize its power over the influences from outside, and rejoice in the immunity it gives you.

The auricle circle, however, will admit any outside impressions that you really desire to come to you, while shutting out the others. The highest and deepest teaching is that the white light must never be used for purpose of attack or personal gain, but that it may properly be used by anyone, at any time, to protect against outside psychic influences against which the soul protests. It is the armor of the soul, and may well be employed whenever or wherever the need arises.

We can sense 'personality' outside of just our five senses. Even children respond to this influence and respond to it in the manner of like or dislike. The aura is dense and thick in the portion nearest the body. It thins out as distance from the body increases. 'Luminous cloud' and phosphorescent flame' are two descriptions that are common.

The aura is seen to be composed of all the colors of the spectrum. Combinations differ with individuals and are constantly shifting in the case of all of us. The colors are representative of mental and emotional states.

Chinese started chi projection meditations, to learn to 'feel' the aura of another and have them 'feel' their own. This can be in a martial or healing context, depending on 'intent.' The colors are the outward appearance of the vibrations themselves, just as color in the physical plane are outward manifestations of vibrating matter. In passing, out of the 100 or so rays of the sun's subtle energies we only use the first 30 or so in our physical world of communication referred to as Hertzian waves. We are indeed radio-active beings. Science had to first discover the human 'atmosphere' before acknowledging the 'possibility' of similarities with auric color and mental and emotional states.

The minute particles of this Prana-aura, or vital magnetism or the subtle body energy, is sloughed off the body in connection with physical exhalations and remain in existence for some time after the person has passed from the particular place at which they were cast off. In fact, it is these particles of the Prana-aura which serve to give vitality to the "scent" of living creatures, which enables dogs and other animals to trace up the track of the person or animal for a long time after the person has passed. It is not alone the physical odor, which must be very small as you will see upon a moment's consideration. It is really the presence of the particles of the Prana-aura which enables the dog to distinguish the traces of one person among that of thousands of others, and the feat is as much psychical as physical.

Another peculiarity of the Prana-aura is that it is filled with a multitude of extremely minute sparkling particles, resembling fiery electric sparks, which are in constant motion. These sparks, which are visible to persons of only slightly developed psychic power, impart a vibratory motion to the Prana-aura which under certain conditions is plainly visible to the average person. This vibratory movement is akin to the movement of heated air arising from a hot stove, or from the heated earth on a mid-summer day.

If you close eyes partially until you peer out from narrowed lids and then closely observe some very healthy person sitting in a dim light, you may perceive this undulating, pulsing vibration extending an inch or two from the surface of the body. It requires some little knack to recognize these vibrations, but a little practice will often give one the key; and after the first recognition, the matter becomes easy.

Again, in the case of persons of active brains, one may perceive this pulsating Prana-aura around the head of the person, particularly when he is engaged in concentrated active thought. A little practice will enable almost anyone to perceive faintly the dim outlines of the Prana-aura around his own fingers and hand by placing his hand against a black background, in a dim light, and then gazing at it with narrowed eyelids, squinting if necessary. Under these circumstances, after a little practice, one will be apt to perceive a tiny outlined aura, or radiation, or halo of pale yellowish light surrounding the hand.

By extending the fingers fan shape you will perceive that each finger is showing its own little outlined Prana-aura. The stronger the vital force, the plainer will be the perception of the phenomenon. Often the Prana-aura, in these experiments, will appear like the semi-luminous radiance surrounding a candle flame or gas light. Under the best conditions, the radiation will assume an almost phosphorescent appearance.

This Prana-aura is identical with human magnetism, which is employed in ordinary magnetic healing. That is to say it is the outer manifestation of the wonderful pranic force. It is felt when you shake hands or otherwise come in close physical contact with a strongly magnetic person. On the other hand it is what the weakly, human vampire-like persons unconsciously, or consciously, try to draw off from strong persons, if the latter allow them so to do from want of knowledge of self protection. Who has not met persons of this kind, who seem to sap one's very life force away from him? Remember, then, that the Prana-aura is the aura or radiation of life force, or vital power, which is the steam of your living activity, physical and mental. It is the pouring out of the vital "steam" which is running your vital machinery. Its presence indicates life--its absence lifelessness.

As stated above, over and above the ordinary physical sense plane there is another and more subtle plane, known as the astral plane containing subtle body energy. Every human being possesses the innate and inherent faculty of sensing the things of this astral plane, by means of an extension or enlargement of the powers of the ordinary senses, so to speak. But in the majority of persons in the present stage of development, these astral senses are lying dormant, and only here and there do we find individuals who are able to sense on the astral plane, although in the course of evolution the entire race will be able to do so, of course. The colors of the human aura, which arise from the various mental and emotional states, belong to the phenomena of the astral plane and hence bear the name of "the astral colors." Belonging to the astral plane, and not to the ordinary physical plane, they are perceived only by the senses functioning on the astral plane, and are invisible to the ordinary physical plane sight. But to those who have developed the astral sight, these colors are as real as are the ordinary colors to the average person, and their phenomena have been as carefully recorded by science as have the physical plane colors by physical science. The fact that to the ordinary physical senses they are invisible does not render them meaningless. Remember, in this connection, that to the blind man our physical colors do not exist. And, for that matter, the ordinary colors do not exist to "colorblind" persons. The ordinary physical plane person is simply "color blind" to the astral colors--that's all.

On the astral plane each shade of mental or emotional state has its corresponding astral color, the latter manifesting when the form appears. Once a person has the key to this color correspondence, and is able to perceive the astral colors by means of his astral vision, he is able to read the mental and emotional states of any person within the range of his vision, as easily as you are now reading the printed words of this writing. The best auric color however is the one depicting the state of merger with God.

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