Bhai Taru Singh - A Review

It was a soul-touching, eye-wetting and emotional roller-coaster experience.

The weekend of Feb 5th-7th, brought a heartfelt memorable moment for all the sangat members who watched the screening of an animated movie on Bhai Taru Singh jee at three Guru Ghar’s in Atlanta metro area.

It was a soul-touching, eye-wetting and emotional roller-coaster experience. The movie made a very sincere attempt to evoke the Spirit of the Warrior-Saint, through the life of legendary Bhai Taru Singh jee.

The movie rejuvenated the essence behind the phrase in a Sikh Ardaas, ‘Jina Singha Singhnia ney Dharam heyth, Sis Ditey, ………Khopriya Utarvayeea ……  All of us give a due respect to this phrase, but after watching the movie, beyond our lips, our hearts and souls will always bow to the martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh jee. 

As per one 8 year old viewer, next time in Ardaas, she will feel the agony of the strike of the chisel on the forehead of Bhai Sahib.  The screenplay portrayed the legend of Bhai Taru Singh from 18th century Sikh History and brought it alive in our hearts where it shall live forever.  Any individual,  of any faith,  who will watch this movie, will experience the character of Khalsa – the Warrior-Saint –  as innovated and established by Guru Gobind Singh jee.

The movie displays the lifestyle of Bhai Sahib Jee, as an amalgam of Devotion and Defiance in one being  (Bhakti tey Shakti) highlighting his spiritually centered life along with his social contributions.  The calmness in Bhai Sahib’s personality goes hand in hand with the display of courage in his acts and his attitude. This movie revisits the historical facts regarding the atrocities of the tyrant mogul regime against both Sikhs and non-Sikhs, and the barbaric ruler’s attempt to eradicate Sikhi and forcefully convert others to Islam.  This movie clearly brings out how a humble and brave son-of-the-soil citizen from Punjab stood against the terror, as the protector of the faith and the freedom of the people of entire subcontinent.

After watching the movie, the eyes of every mother were filled with tears, and the men hid their tears behind their masculinity while the kids were glued to the screen for entire 90 minutes.

Everyone walked out in a calm and reflective state of mind thinking about Bhai Sahib Jee's character and image.

To spread the story of the life of Bhai Taru Singh jee, every Guru Ghar or Sikh Institution should screen this movie for the benefit of their sangat. This movie is a very powerful and impactful medium for sharing Bhai Sahib’s Sakhi with children and youth. For effective results, it should be watched in a theater, otherwise on a big screen with a good music system in any Guru Ghar or community center.

Further, as a support towards the cause and efforts of people who have made this attempt, every Sikh home in North America should contribute minimum $50 towards this movie, so Vismaad (the studio who brought us the animated features, Sundri, Sahibzaday and Rise of the Khalsa) can recover their cost of production and can do more of such projects in future.  In Atlanta, with the combined efforts of three Guru Ghars, about $5,000 was raised towards the cause.

The message and mindset brought out by the theme Shabad, Sir Javay Taan Javay Mera Sikhi Sidak Na Javay ~  “One can take my head, but not my submission to the Divine”,  will inspire individuals from everywhere from generation-to-generation, in coming decades and centuries to come.

A Marvelous must-watch movie!!   A Great Inspiring Source!!   A Precious community Asset!! 

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