Guru Gobind Singh ji composed Benti Choupai for times of great duress, and it still carries the power to help us.

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Will you keep Gurbani Kirtan free?

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon,

but that we wait so long to begin it.

~ W.M. Lewis

One of the big problems of society is, that we are bombarded by a constant stream of opinions disguised as facts and truth.

The corrupt tell us how to be moral. People with little empathy tell us, 'how to feel'. Those with little experience or knowledge tell us, 'how to do'. Paid priests tell us, 'how to find salvation' Actors and models who fake emotions for a living, tell us, 'how to find true love and happiness' etc.

One of the the most common ways to be misguided hence become discontented and unhappy is by blindly following the advice of others. Reading self help books, blindly taking in opinions from writers magazines, newspapers, television, cinema, advertisers, politicians, corporations, government bureaucrats, priests, counsellors, various entertainers, business and social leaders, now more than ever shape our lives. We also believe if it's in print, on tv or social media it must be true.

The result of all these opinions and advice, is we are possessed by greed and insecurity. We are so plagued with fear and wants, that we are constantly pursuing a life full of impractical and unachievable expectations. This triggers relentless and unnecessary change in our lives, exhausting us. Further more we become insecure, because we want our lives to be validated and approved by others.

Like many other folks, for a long while I too had very little idea about myself. I kept looking for answers validation from others. I stopped reading self-help prescription books about 20 years ago, because I realised, I was trying to live a life other than my own, by someone who is advising me how to lead not my own but the author/speaker/influencer's life.

Following fashion, imitating, style, mannerisms, and prescriptions for romance, love, friendship, sincerity, and acquire knowledge, words, actions and beliefs of others we can never find ourselves. In fact we get totally confused and even lost.

If we are fortunate, we will awaken and become aware, at some point in our lives, we get to start living our own lives. Uttering words that have taken birth in the depths of our own minds, feelings that come from our own heart, and actions that come from our own conscience.

I started living my own life about two decades ago.

  • Since then I have offended many and entertained even more people without meaning to.

  • Found the courage to tell people I like them or even love them without fear of being misunderstood, my appreciation not being reciprocated or not believed by the other.

  • Beginning to live my own life I became aware and understood where I fell and more importantly why, allowing me to rise again, a better being.

  • Learnt much, experienced even more.

  • Walked away from many situations that lacked meaning.

  • I am comfortable by the fact that I am a misfit in many social environments and groups.

I now travel, work, play, befriend, love, view, read, write and meditate with greater awareness. I believe I am increasingly realising something called 'Sva-Arth', (from the Sanskrit words, 'Svayam' that is 'self' and 'Arth' that is 'meaning' - Literally translated 'Understand the meaning of oneself'.

Living my own life, makes me happy and almost always at peace with myself and existence. I now realise that, its indeed true, 'The best things in life are free'.

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh is an engineer by education, Industrialist by professional experience. I have travelled and  conducted business both India and abroad (34 countries). 

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