Beautiful woman

Beautiful woman
with ambrosial beauty 
on a divine face.

Old woman
wrinkles on the face and plump body
with beauty of unconditional and immaculate love. 

Beautiful soul
with beauty of love and eternal relationship.

Love no boundaries.
Deep like a ocean. 
Always flowing like a brook.

Creator of life.
Life’s journey starts from Her.
Makes a man Human.
Supreme of all.

Warmth and strength in Her love
makes life beautiful.
Happy moments, treasured memories and shared sorrows 
with Her.
She is the best friend.

She does magic making in kitchen.
Her love is felt in the taste and aroma of Her food.
She is the best cook in the world.

The charisma on Her face
is the beauty of Her love.

This beautiful woman is your MOTHER.


I think of all the loves in this world, the love of mother for her child is the most stable. It is selfless. It is really amazing God has created such a creature and he actually represents himself through Her. I really wonder at His creation and also pay my gratitude to Him for blessing us with Her.





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