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There was a distinctly personal element for choosing Banis as our theme this year; namely - stories. The stories we have heard from people, our own experiences, and feedback we receive from people all over the world; people such as Kiran Deol who shared: 

Even though as children, we took Amrit, attended Gurdwara, and recited our banis every day, when my family moved to Canada from the UK our collective understanding deepened with kirtan, katha, and English translations we had never been privy to before. We learned about SikhNet, received the Daily Hukamnama from the Darbar Sahib, and listened to Gurbani kirtan on SikhNet Play. I recommitted to my Nitnem practice, and it has made me a stronger person. 

Now my daily practice of Simran and reciting my panj banis is the foundation for my day. Every day. It allows for all the monkey brain "stuff" to come out in the wee hours of the morning so that for the rest of the day, I'm fully present and focused. When I have been unsure, I found direction, when I have struggled, I found solace. I am filled with fearlessness and trust because I bow and trust and live in Guru's Hukam.  

This is why we come to work each day at SikhNet. It is so inspiring to hear such powerful testimonials and to know the work we do is meaningful and impactful. 

Our work is funded by your donations. We touch the lives of over 1 million people every month, and yet we don't run ads during kirtan tracks and we don't charge money for any service we offer, ever. 

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