Baba Deep Singh is the founder leader of Shaheed Misl and a revered figure in Sikhism. As a young man, Baba Deep Singh was fortunate to receive special training from Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur Sahib. During this time, he delved deep into the teachings of Sikh scripture (Gurubani) and honed his skills in armament. This unique combination of spiritual wisdom and martial expertise shaped him into a distinguished Sikh scholar and a courageous warrior, leaving an indelible mark on Sikh history. Let's explore the inspiring journey of Baba Deep Singh, a blessed soul who embodied the essence of Sikh values and fearlessly stood as a beacon in the chapters of Sikh history.

About Baba Deep Singh Ji 

Baba Deep Singh was born on January 26, 1682, in the village of Pahuwind in Amritsar District. He grew up with his parents, Bhai Bhagta and Mata Jiuni. Even as a young boy, Baba Deep Singh was strong and muscular . His father, Bhai Bhagta, was a devoted follower of Guru-darbar, completely surrendering himself to the Guru. When Baba Deep Singh and his parents visited Anandpur Sahib to seek the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh, the Guru bestowed special blessings upon him. Baba Deep Singh was officially initiated by Guru Sahib, and under the Guru's guidance, he received training in both weaponry and religious scriptures.

Bhai Mani Singh played a crucial role in Baba Deep Singh's education, providing him with a deep understanding of religious scriptures. Additionally, Baba Deep Singh learned tent pegging, horse riding, and archery under Bhai Mani Singh's guidance. This diverse training prepared Baba Deep Singh for his future journey and service to the community.

Guru Mahail 

After leaving Anandpur Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh asked Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh to take care of Guru-Mahail. They safely brought Guru-Mahail to Delhi and then went to Talwandi, where Guru Gobind Singh was staying after winning the Mukatsar battle. While in Talwandi, Guru Gobind Singh tasked Baba Deep Singh with making handwritten copies of Birh Sahib. Starting in 1715, Baba Deep Singh worked on this, completing four copies by 1726. The original Birh Sahib was created by Bhai Mani Singh under Guru Gobind Singh's guidance. Baba Deep Singh showcased his calligraphy skills and religious insight with devotion.The four copies of Birh Sahib were later placed at all four Sikh centers (Takhts).

After Guru Gobind Singh's death in 1708, Baba Deep Singh and Baba Banda Singh Bahadur bravely resisted oppression in Punjab. They raised the Khalsa flag at Samana and Sirhind, standing up against injustice.

Later on, Baba Deep Singh and his brave soldiers arrived at Damdama Sahib, where they began baptizing Sikhs as per the Guru's wishes. This  filled the Sikhs with religious zeal transforming them completely . From then until 1760, Baba Deep Singh tirelessly preached Sikhism and the teachings of the Sikh Gurus from Damdama Sahib.

In 1748, sixty-five groups of Sikhs were combined into 12 Misls. Baba Deep Singh was chosen as the leader of the 'Shaheed Misl,' a group dedicated to sacrificing for religious causes. Damdama Sahib served as the headquarters for this Shaheed Misl. The dome where Baba Deep Singh lived became known as Burj Baba Deep Singh.

Baba Deep Singh’s valour 

Many brave Sikh soldiers, like Baba Deep Singh, gave up their lives over time to protect Gurdwaras and uphold their sanctity. Baba Deep Singh holds a special place in Sikh history. Even at the age of eighty, he fought valiantly to fulfill his commitment of reaching the Darbar Sahib, setting a unique example in world history.

When Baba Deep Singh learned about the disrespect shown to Darbar Sahib, he was deeply moved. Determined to defeat those who had disrespected the sanctity of Darbar Sahib, he rallied over 5000 Sikh soldiers. Together, under Baba Deep Singh's leadership, they marched from Malwa to Majha, ready to confront and rectify the wrongs done to their sacred place.

Before the war began, Baba Deep Singh prayed at Gurdwara Tarn Taran Sahib. The Sikh soldiers, tied by the thread of martyrs, crossed the line set by Baba Deep Singh and moved towards Amritsar. Jahan Khan, leading 20,000 soldiers, reached Gohalwarh, just five kilometers from Amritsar. Sardar Dyal Singh, a supporter of Baba Deep Singh, confronted Jahan Khan. A fierce battle took place near Ramsar, where 80-year-old Baba Deep Singh valiantly fought against the young Jamal Khan, resulting in a significant loss of lives.

Baba Deep Singh achieved martyrdom upon reaching the circumambulation of Darbar Sahib. Meanwhile, the remaining Sikh soldiers fiercely battled the Pathan soldiers at Attari, defeating them decisively.

To honor Baba Deep Singh's memory, a Gurdwara named 'Shaheed Ganj' was built close to Chatiwind in Amritsar. This brave warrior kept his promise and bravely breathed his last  at Har-sar, holding his head in his hand. This remarkable act earned him the title of a supernatural martyr in world history.

*Based on an article by Dr. Sushil Kaur, published in The Link Paper on 25th July 2012


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