Artist Kanwar Singh wins Excellence in the Arts Award

Dhillon says the RBC Mehfil Magazine Awards represent both a personal honour and a source of inspiration and acknowledge...

Kanwar Singh Dhillon has always been drawn to Sikh history as an inspiration for his art. “A big part of my university education was in world history, but it wasn’t until after school finished for me that I started to read authors like Khushwant Singh,” he said in a recent interview. “I was amazed by the sweeping saga of Sikh history, from Guru Nanak to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Sikhism is filled with so many beautiful, epic and morally driven stories that present an artist with such a rich source of inspiration.“

Dhillon’s resume includes credits as an animator and book illustrator, and limited-edition prints of nine of his original works have sold worldwide. His latest work was unveiled recently at the Sikh Art and Film Foundation Gala in New York and his works are on display at gurdwaras and private homes in Canada, the U.S. and the UK. “As a professional, the most valuable recognition is when members of the community invest in your work and hang it in their homes,” says Dhillon.

Dhillon says the RBC Mehfil Magazine Awards represent both a personal honour and a source of inspiration and acknowledgement for all artists within the Indo-Canadian community. “I was honoured, not simply to be recognized for the artwork I have done, but to be put in the same category as some of the other recipients, whose contributions have affected the health and welfare of a great many Canadians for the better. I think the event is a reminder to all of us that as a community we all care deeply about how our cultural heritage is presented and that our contributions to Canada are recognized for their worth. The ultimate hope is that recognition of individuals today will inspire others to achieve even greater feats in the future.

“Our community has long established itself to be an important player in the direction that Canada is headed. We are well placed in business, entrepreneurship and within the government itself. However, I think that we need mechanisms to bolster the arts within our community. I’m really glad that Mehfil has stepped forward to create a podium for recognition in the arts field. It provides both motivation and a space for currently unknown artists to step into the spotlight.

You can learn more about Kanwar Singh as well as view his online gallery at his website,

Kanwar Singh was also recently interviewed on the program "Des Pardes" in Vancouver B.C.  Here are the videos of that interview:



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