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AnonCare named finalist for British Indian Awards 2017

London tech start up, AnonCare has been named as finalist for 'Best in Creative Industries' at the 5th British...

London tech start up, AnonCare has been named as finalist for 'Best in Creative Industries' at the 5th British Indian Awards 2017, a prestigious event that honours British Indians for their achievements worldwide. Inspired by the spiritual and ethical values of the Sikh faith, AnonCare has been connecting people from across the world to actively take care of each other through their smart phones.

Dubbed by the media as the 'Sikh Mark Zuckerberg', the entrepreneur behind the innovation is AnonCare Founder Jyotveer Singh, who successfully fused technology and shared human values of care and compassion to create interdependency in the wider community.

The web and app based network focuses its efforts on connecting people to create a shared responsibility for the wellbeing of others. People from across the world use AnonCare to share issues or concerns whilst tapping into the world's collective wisdom for advice and support. With so many countries involved, the average response time is ten minutes.

JS (37K)Jyotveer Singh, AnonCare Founder and CEO said: "I am delighted AnonCare is a finalist for the British Indian Awards 2017. The awards not only celebrate our common heritage but also the ideals that help us make a positive difference.

"AnonCare demonstrates that faith inspired values can inform technology, create cohesion and impact the world. I am honoured for the nomination."

Supported by the School of for Social Entrepreneurs programme, Jyotveer is making a social impact in the worlds poorer economies as well as the UK.

Charles Rapson, CEO of School for Social Entrepreneurs Midlands said: "Jyotveer is an exceptional and caring person who has developed a software that enables people from all backgrounds to share compassion and love around the world. His hard work and determination is making a huge difference to people all over the globe and bringing them peace and hope at times when they need it most."

The awards ceremony will be held at The Athena, Leicester on 14 June 2017.


To find out more about AnonCare, please visit www.anoncare.com/about
To find out more about The School for Social Entrepreneurs, please visit https://www.the-sse.org/

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