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All join Sikhs to celebrate peace message of scriptures

Lt Gov of California John Garamendi, in his keynote address, praised Sikhs for their hard work, positive attitude, and a...

Sacramento: Underscoring the universal application of the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and marking the 300th year of the guruship of the scriptures, members of interfaith groups joined Sacramento Valley Sikhs in a march for world peace on October 11.  

In the first leg of the Rally, members of the Interfaith groups and Sikhs gathered at the Southside Park where Sikh leaders drew attention to the significance of Tercentenary Celebrations worldwide. A specially customized vehicle carried Guru Granth Sahib as the leading float of the rally. Sikhs and other participants followed in a march to the Capitol in Downtown Sacramento. An array of California State leaders, Assemblymen, Senators, Mayor of Sacramento and Interfaith leaders gathered on the lush green lawns of the Capitol to deliver their Special Message to Sikhs for their efforts to create mutual understanding among people of diverse ethnicities and religious backgrounds. 

At the Capitol, Lt Gov of California John Garamendi, in his keynote address, praised Sikhs for their hard work, positive attitude, and a spirit of sharing with other communities. President of the State Senate, Senator Darrel Steinberg, declared that Sikhs were always welcome to the State Capitol as special invitees. Mayor of Sacramento Ms. Heather Fargo mentioned how on September 13, 2001 only two days after 9/11, Sikhs came out in a big way to extend moral and financial support to victims of twin towers tragedy. 

NBA star and Mayoral candidate Kevin Johnson waited long for his turn to deliver his message. Assemblyman of 9th District David Jones presented a special Peace Resolution on behalf of the California State Assembly thus making Tercentenary celebration historical for California. 

Mike Moran of Spiritual Life Center, Interfaith Service Bureau said Guru Granth Sahib’s message was evident in the enthusiasm of Sikhs to reach others. Ex-President David Thompson said love and peace in action was needed to remove doubts and ignorance.

Jay Alan, Deputy Director of Communication, Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, Supervisor Mariko Yamada, Supervisor Roger Dickinson, Council member Mark Johannessen, the City of West Sacramento, Ms. Durriya Syed, President of Interfaith Bureau Service, Don Saylor, Mayor Pro tem City of Davis were among those who addressed the audience.

Earlier, Bhai Ranjit Singh of West Sacramento Gurdwara started the Capitol Rally with the Sikh Prayer. Giani Wadhawa Singh Gill, religious advisor, emphasized to recognize the all pervasive Fatherhood of God. S. Mohinder Singh Sandhu, General Secretary of West Sacramento Gurdwara, and Dr. Gurinder Singh Kanwar conducted the stage events very successfully. 

Dr. Gurtej Singh Cheema, Dr. Narinder Singh Parhar, President of Bradshaw Gurdwara, S. JP Singh of  Sikh Gurdwara, El Sobrante, S. SS Raikhy, a CEO, S. Jaswinder Singh Jandy of Gurdwara Fremont, S. Balbir Singh Dhillon, President of Gurdwara West Sacramento, and S. Darshan Singh Mundy, Public Relations Officer expressed their ideas on the significance of the Tercentenary Celebrations all over the world. A message from Sri Akal Takht Sahib was also read out.

At the Southside Park, Mr. Kawal Bolina read a message on behalf of the entire Northern California sadh sangat. Among others who addressed the gathering were S. Paramjit Singh, Gen. Sec., Shri Sach Khand Sahib, S. Maheshinder Singh, Gen. Sec., Sikh Gurdwara Roseville, Amar Baidwan of Shri Guru Ravidas Temple Rio Linda, Taran Hundal & Amandeep Dhariwal of Sunday School. 

An airplane with the message “Guru Granth Sahib 300 Years Peace Recipe” hovered in the sky throughout the ceremonies. An estimated eight thousand people took part in the celebrations. Free breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages were served in plenty.

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