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Adornment: Sohavi… So Beautiful

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NICCI DHAMU SOHAVI (34K)London based Entrepreneur, Designer, published writer and passionate yogini Nicci Dhamu, graduated from one of London's top Fashion colleges, The London College of Fashion in 1990 and then went on to study Fashion and Textile design at Ravensboune College of Design and Communication graduating in 1992. In essence, she freelanced for various couture fashion houses, left the fashion industry, worked for highflying corporate executives for a few years and then landed on a yoga mat.

That was the beginning of her journey with yoga. Having experienced the benefits of Kundalini yoga she became inspired to share her knowledge with children teaching voluntarily to begin with. She found herself teaching and working in the yoga clothing industry. It's a paradox that fashion and yoga came together.

Saddened by the loss of her father Tirlochan Singh Dhamu who passed away in 2009, Nicci found herself questioning her life purpose. He was an educated, open minded, yet humble and devoted Gursikh. Her education and inspiration about Sikhism came from him and love of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings. Her early childhood memories are of sitting in the vibration of kirtan at Gurudwara with her mother and siblings. Her heart singing, even though she could not understand the spiritual meanings, she was immersed in the music that she can only describe as liquescent. And as you can imagine what every child enjoys most of all, floating up the stairs were the delightful aromas of prashaad being cooked in the langar kitchen. Family life has always been about sangat.

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Photo Credit: www.robertbalog.com
Model wearing a bracelet of cream freshwater cultured pearls, 18K gold vermeil charm with embossed Ik Oan Kar
During Vaisakhi celebrations one year, she remembered some jewellery being sold outside the Gurudwara. On display was only one design of the Sikh Khandha necklace, and she wondered why? Although only a young teenager at the time, her creative mind had been inspired and a seed planted. Looking back it seems pretty bizarre that Nicci Dhamu had not been accepted to formally study a degree in jewellery design at Birmingham University and so had followed another passion, fashion and textile design.

In 1998, she had started sketching a small range of jewellery designs. Inexperienced Nicci had not managed to secure a manufacturer, so put her sketches away safely. It wasn't until 2011 Nicci found herself at yet another crossroads in life. She finally made a decision it was time to become the captain of her own ship. Driven by this thought, as her only option, she was ready to explore her creativity and passion once again.

Nicci chanced upon her jewellery design sketches from 13-years earlier, as the wind blew some onto her desk, while she pondered 'what next?' Inspired by this calling, these designs and others, tucked away and which were gathering dust, are her answers and inspired her collection 'The One', gorgeous pieces, designed from the heart and finished by hand. She boldly says, " Be brave, find the courage to follow your heart, that what is meant for you comes to you" call it destiny, Guru's grace. Although it seems that she has taken the longer route almost 25 years later, "it's definitely been an eventful journey!" She says or "Perhaps it's all in perfect timing". So she set about designing a contemporary, yet classic signature collection in, 925 sterling silver, 18K Gold vermeil with semi precious stones and pearls designed to be worn everyday.

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Since 2011 Nicci is designing and working with the finest craftsman to produce her creations for what has become a sought after brand of jewellery called Sohavi, meaning beautiful in Gurmukhi. Nicci created Sohavi, as she saw the gap for high quality, jewellery-inspired spiritual symbols that were not widely available in contemporary fashionable styles that would appeal across all ages. The jewellery collection soon became available at private events and yoga festivals. Appealing mainly to fashionable yogis, and recognising that mainstream yoga market was not as familiar with Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Ik Oan Kar symbol. She had been presented with the perfect opportunity to celebrate it with a wider audience.

Of course there were some questions … what is the Sikh philosophy on adornment? .....Guru Gobind Singh Ji were beautifully adorned with silks and jewellery. We also adorn our Guru Granth Sahib Ji with rumallas made from expensive fabrics and embroideries so, surely it couldn't be wrong. Further referencing came from Guru Granth Sahib Ji. In the holy text it is highlighted that just by decorating oneself, you cannot obtain any long lasting happiness, on the other hand, in the following shabad, the Guru tells us that if one remembers the Lord all the time (i.e.: "within whose home the Husband Lord abides"), then he or she will be "totally adorned and decorated" by the Lord. So if you live according to the Guru Ji's hukam then you may decorate yourself as you please. Although is intrinsic to understand that without the remembrance of the Lord, the "shingar" (decorations) will bring no happiness or comfort. The Sohavi women, is an empowered, fearless, and graceful beauty. One who takes time out everyday to be still and tune in to her divine source. Through difficult days and joyous days, Vaheguru is always present. As Guru Ji says, adornment of the inner temple with spiritual practice is essential, food for the soul.

Jewellery has always been worn over centuries as a statement of wealth and prosperity. Throughout time, jewellery has been gifted and usually holds deep emotional bonds, worn by and bought for women we adorn with our love. A daily reminder of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, is the embossed Ik Oan Kar symbol on the front and back of the love heart necklaces designed to touch and feel. Available in 18K Gold Vermeil and 925 Sterling Silver she hopes to inspire women to connect to the divine from within their heart and soul as well as inspire others. The Sohavi range will incorporate various spiritual symbolisms, since we are one.

Feel free to browse "The One" collection at www.sohavi.com

Sohavi…. so beautiful

Further information: [email protected]

kIE isMgwru imln ky qweI ]

keeou si(n)gaar milan kae thaaee ||

I have decorated myself to meet my Husband Lord.


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