Congratulations to Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, who became the first Indo-American to be crowned Miss America on September 15th, 2013! In light of her victory, social media exploded with both lovers and haters. Then again, it’s not much of a surprise — other girls have always been jealous of our yearlong tans. Regardless, here are 5 things us brown girls can learn:

1. Just because you have brown skin doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Brown girls spend way too much money, time and energy on skin whitening. Just look at Miss America, her skin is browner than Miss India’s (thank you, Indian aunties, Fair and Lovely, and Bollywood for perpetuating an ancient mentality). Rock that yearlong chocolate tan that all those white girls envy!

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2. Don’t be ashamed of your Bhangra/Bollywood/Classical dancing skills.
Juice that talent! Being unique is good – you don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing. Nina could have very well done a ballet performance or sang opera. But no, she jumped up and down, side to side, showcasing a mix of various Indian dance arts.

3. Body image is something we have full control over.
During Nina’s final semester at University of Michigan she weighed 60 pounds more than she does now and suffered from bulimia, an eating disorder. After realizing how much weight she actually gained, she decided to take matters into her hands and face the issue head on. She began with a healthy diet and exercise. So, when that annoying aunty at the gurdwara comments on your weight, look her in the eyes and say: “I am gorgeous and love everything about me!”

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4. Self-confidence does no harm.
Ok brown girls, come on! Stop trying to always be that good-girl who is shy and talks softly. Show some confidence — believe in yourself! You are a woman. Let the world hear you roar. Let’s face it, most of us probably don’t have the type of confidence Nina does to stand up on stage in front of judges while Americans stare at their TV screen scrutinizing our face, body and every move. Now I know all you ladies want to be doctors or lawyers (even Nina is an aspiring surgeon), I get it, but don’t let your true character remain locked away inside of you.

5. You are Brown and American.
Wake up brown girls, you are all Miss America now because everyone thinks all brown people look alike. We are represented. If a brown girl can be Miss America, you can be the next President.

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Let’s face it — brown girls are drop dead gorgeous!

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