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A Three-Day International Conference by Bhai Vir Singh Chair in collaboration with Nad Music Institute (USA) 



Dates: 22nd to 24th October, 2024 

Venue: Punjabi University, Patiala as well as Online 

About The Conference

The relationship between spirituality and music is deeply rooted in the sacred verses of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This conference aims to interpret the divine soundscapes within Sri Guru Granth Sahib and uncover the layers inherent in its musical signatures. By bringing together scholars, musicians, theologians, and practitioners, this conference aims to foster the understanding of the spiritual and interpretative dimensions of Sikh musical traditions. The conference has several objectives, such as investigating the symbolic meanings and semiotic nuances embedded in the musical signatures of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and exploring how they contribute to the overall discourse. The role of music in the spiritual and normative practices associated with Sri Guru Granth Sahib and its impact on the spiritual experience of practitioners is another area that will be explored. 

The conference aims to facilitate dialogue on how the various interpretations of divine soundscapes in Sri Guru Granth Sahib resonate with and influence diverse cultural and religious practices and contexts. Finally, it will discuss the contemporary relevance of the divine soundscapes in the context of evolving religious thought and cultural dynamics. 


• Ragas in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Ghar in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Dhuniyan (melodies) in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Chhant in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Pauries in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Partaal in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Poetic Signatures in Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

• Sikh Musical Traditions (e.g. Gharane) 

Guidelines for Abstract and Paper Submission 

Screenshot 2024-04-10 230901.png

Call for Papers: Vice Chancelor of Punjabi University Prof Arvind (Center) is releasing the "Call for Papers" for the conference, on the left is Dr. Jaswinder Singh and on the right is Dr. Manjit Singh.

The conference will be hybrid in nature, it will be held at Punjabi University with an option to join online. We invite abstracts between 200-300 words along with a bio note of not more than 100 words. Full-length papers should be 3000-5000 words long. The Authors can present their papers in Punjabi/English. The abstract can be emailed to:  [email protected] or [email protected]. Please note that the last date for abstract submission is April 25, 2024. 

Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and included in the proceedings published by the Nad Music Institute in a dedicated volume. Lodging and boarding shall be covered for all the conference participants. Full or partial travel grants will be provided to the selected participants. The selected young researchers shall be encouraged with special rewards. 

Important Dates: 

Submission of Abstracts: 25th April 2024 

Intimation of Accepted Abstracts: 30th April 2024 

Full Paper Submission: 1st September 2024 

Intimation of Acceptance of the complete paper: 15th September 2024

About Bhai Vir Singh Chair 

Bhai Vir Singh Chair was formally established in 2013. Padma Bhushan Bhai Vir Singh, an acclaimed figure in the literary world, is widely recognized as the father of modern Punjabi literature. His contribution to Punjabi language and literature has been remarkable, having dedicated 50 years of his life to our traditional heritage through modern scientific idioms. Emulating the tradition of philosophy, knowledge, and experience set forth by Guru Nanak Sahib, Bhai Vir Singh created various forms of literature, including poetry, fiction, rhetoric, editing, interpretation, and research, all of which have played a significant role in shaping modern Punjabi literature. 

About Nad Music Institute 

Nad Music Institute, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington (USA), established in 2018, is committed to advancing Sikh music through academic research, collaboration with musicians and musical societies, and the creation of educational resources. Conference Chief Patron: Prof. Arvind, Vice Chancellor and the Conference Director: Dr. Jaswinder Singh, In-charge:Bhai Vir Singh Chair Conference Co-Director: Dr. Manjit Singh, Nad Music Institute, USA

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