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Editor's Note: The following video is an first hand account of what difference it can make in someone's life if they are given refuge in a country like Canada. Since the video was made Canada has pledged to give refuge to 20,000 vulnerable Afghans which is very promising news provided they are able to arrive to those lands. National Sikh Campaign has composed a petition [here] to invoke president Biden to do something similar in order to follow up with his campaign promise to help Afghan Sikh and Hindus from the Taliban. The Sikh Coalition has provided a template to similarly invoke US leaders to this same effect via a heartfelt plea from Charan Singh Khalsa who is from Kabul. The above image is an image of a military aircraft in Kabul heading towards India which has promised to offer 'emergency visas' to Afghan Sikhs and Hindus for 6 months. 

“I plea to those in power, to grant them [Afghan Sikhs and Hindu] refugee status. I don’t have the ability. If I did, I’d bring everyone to Canada. I wouldn’t let them experience suffering.”

- Jaspal Singh Bhaya, Canadian Refugee, 2018

As the situation on the ground in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, the World Sikh Organization and other Canadian Sikh organizations have called for a special program to evacuate Afghan Sikhs and Hindus who have been increasingly targeted by extremist groups.  The Government of Canada's resettlement plan for Afghan interpreters who worked side by side with Canadians (announced July 23, 2021), provides the logistical ability to make our presented program a reality.

In 2019, the Sikh community of Canada rallied together to welcome 65 Afghan Sikh families. If the Government of Canada grants Afghan Sikhs and Hindus refugee status, the Sikh community is again willing and able to privately sponsor the evacuation and settlement of these refugees.

Last week, the World Sikh Organization provided the Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino with lists of the Sikhs and Hindus remaining in Afghanistan, including names, contact information and passport details. 

The Sikh Sangat of Canada humbly request that you share this video for awareness so that the remaining 250 Sikhs and Hindus families in Afghanistan will receive refugee status from the Canadian Government. 

Send a pre-written email to your Canadian MP: https://www.worldsikh.org/saveafghansikhs

Full Video: https://we.tl/t-0oVlZepgWP (full permission to use this video in its entirety is provided). 

Sikh Sangat of Canada

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