22-Year-old Gursoch Kaur becomes the first turban police officer in the NYPD

The NYPD has somewhat less than 2,000 Sikh police officers, ten of whom are women, but just one, Gursoch, wears a turb...

The NYPD has somewhat less than 2,000 Sikh police officers, ten of whom are women, but just one, Gursoch, wears a turban.

Gursoch Kaur, a 22-year-old Indian-American, is the first Sikh woman in the NYPD to wear a turban. After graduating from the New York Police Academy, she was the first turban-wearing recruit to join the police. There are slightly under 2,000 Sikh police officers in the NYPD, ten of whom are women, but only one, Gursoch, wears a turban.

She states that her presence will also mean She will be able to explain the significance of the turban, the most visible sign of the Sikh identity. In an interview, Kaur expressed, "I feel blessed." It is considered that the turban represents compassion and service to humanity. She continued to say, “People have never witnessed anything similar. It's excellent because it provides me with the chance to educate them about the meaning of the turban. This is how we love one other.

In the U.S. Sikh community, her latest accomplishment has garnered widespread recognition. The Sikh Officers Association of New York City posted a picture of Kaur to honor her presence in the force. Gursoch desires to become a full-fledged NYPD police officer. She adds, “We are the eyes and ears of the community. I go on parades, am controlling traffic, making sure everybody is safe.”

There are around 500,000 members of the Sikh community living in the United States. In another interview, Gursoch advocated that women should reject the notion that they are inferior to males. She contends that God has endowed all people with the same rights. Women can work wherever men do. 

Gursoch said, “It was important to me that as a member of the Sikh community, I too could share the importance of our community to the world.

The emblem of the New York Police Department can be seen in the front of Gursoch's blue turban. In 2016, the Sikh community was successful in their efforts to campaign for the right to wear the insignia on their turbans, and they were granted their request. 

Delare Rathour, an NYPD officer said, “Officer Kaur will make all Sikhs around the world proud! By the community seeing officer Kaur wearing a turban and in uniform they will feel nothing but pride, seeing one of their own serving her community.

Only a small number of women in India and Canada choose to follow the Sikh religious practice of wearing the turban. However, more and more women are supporting the right to choose and determine for themselves how they feel most comfortable displaying their religious beliefs. According to sources, Sikhs in the United States will be classified as a distinct ethnic group for the very first time in the upcoming 2020 Census.


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