We come to work everyday for you. It is our honor to provide many access points for our global sangat. Stories share Sikh history, News shares current stories of Sikhs in the modern day world, SikhNet Play is the single largest archive of FREE Gurbani music, and so many people connect through the Daily Hukamnama to Sri Harimandir Sahib every day.

At the end of the year, we take time to raise money so we can provide all these services (and many more!). Today is the last day to reach our year end fundraising goal.

We have not yet reached our goal. 

I'm a little sad. We have always had our fundraiser at just one time in the year, so that we can spend the remainder of the year creating, curating, and inspiring the millions of people who seek connection to Guru Sahib through SikhNet. I hope we don't have to change that. Our fundraiser goal is carefully chosen - worked through by team members and leadership in a process helps us accurately calculate how much it costs to create content, update apps and services, and continue serving the Sikh Panth. 

We are not a giant conglomerate, or a multi-billion dollar business, we are a small nonprofit, with 14 people who make sure that 1.3 million people every month (and growing) find what they are looking for on SikhNet. If every single person gave - anyone who  visited our website, opened an app, who watched a video or listened to Gurbani on SikhNet play  - we would easily make our goal 26 times over. But not everyone can donate.

YOU can change the outcome today!

I am counting on your help to make sure there is no interruption to services, to make sure everything we do remains ad-free, commercial-free and, most importantly, that our services remain free for all, and that we do not need to fundraise all year long. 

We can make this happen. I have faith that our Sikh Panth, that you will come through -  for the sake of what our Gurus sacrificed, for the sake of our children, for the sake of Sikh history, for the sake of the legacy that MUST continue. 

Will you dig deep today? Will you help us reach our goal so that we can continue supporting the global Sikh Panth?

There are only a few hours left. Every donation - large or small - makes a difference in how we keep serving. Today is the last day of the financial calendar. Will you donate now?

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