I need your help this week. We’re already halfway through our annual fundraiser and we haven’t met our halfway goal yet. 

I can't afford to feel embarrassed that we send multiple emails in this campaign - just as you should never feel embarrassed when you open the SikhNet Play app, watch Stories, view SikhiWiki or visit SikhNet. It is our joy and our passion to do the seva we do to make all Sikh resources open to all and ALWAYS FREE.  

It’s free for you...and for over 11 million people, and it's growing every year. 

And...we’re a non-profit. Only 0.02% of our users donate from their Dasvandh, still we manage to serve millions of people every year. If everyone who can donate gave $35 (or as much as they can), we could transform the way Sikhi is shared online. 

Every year I am grateful and happy to see the passionate response from our donors at this time of year. But we haven’t reached the halfway goal in our fundraiser yet, and we don’t have a lot of time left. We’re not salespeople. But as the demand for our services grows, so does our operational budget, and this year we need to reach our $450,000 goal by the end of the year. 

So I am asking you: will you open your heart and give today?

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