O my mind you are a part of Divine. You have a divine spark in you. Recognize the divinity in yourself. Divine is your creator, sustainer, and protector. Seek protection from the Divine. This is the eternal relationship that is inherent in you. You do not need to find it outside. You need to realize the divine in yourself. 

You have a divine light in you. Recognize and shine your light. Believe in yourself. You have a lot of potential. Recognize your potential. Imbibe divine qualities in yourself. Accruing divine qualities in yourself will make you realize a higher Self in yourself. You are strong, determined, loving, caring, resilient, kind, compassionate, and above all fearless. You have the courage to face storms. Difficulties and challenges in life will develop you and you need to keep moving forward on the journey of your life. Face the impediments of life and emerge as a victor. Victory with determination is the destination. Following the path of righteousness, victory will always be yours and you will reach your coveted destination. You will be an inspiration for others and revered by all. Strive hard to become impeccable like Divine.

Be brave and strong. Control your mind. Your mind is powerful. The mind is the real driver of life. Have a positive outlook. Keep feeding your mind with new information and keep accruing the pearls of wisdom. Your mind will solve enigmas and will come up with creative ideas.

Happiness is a very precious feeling. Feel happy for yourself as well as for others. We are all related and connected with each other. Share knowledge with others and help others. We are here for a short span of time, and we are not going to take anything with ourselves. Give to others whatever you can. Do service and serve the divine. That is the real veneration. Change the outlook and perspective of your life. Life is a few moments. Learn and teach as well, every moment. Enjoy the moments and live in the moment.

Serve the creator by serving the creation of the creator. All good deeds are connected. Good deeds are a reward in themselves. They give you peace of mind and they are blissful blessings. Find happiness in the happiness of others and keep striving towards your own goals too. We all have some purpose in our life. We all need to leave something behind. 

The lines of force are inside us as well as outside us and everywhere in this universe. That is why there is oneness. How the lines of force inside us interact with lines of force outside determine our life. When we understand the system of this universe (Hukam) we are at peace. When we are fearless, and the anxieties do not afflict us we understand the system of the universe and the lines of force inside us have aligned with the lines of force outside us. When we are in fear and anxious the lines of force are misaligned, and we are out of focus of the concept of Hukam.

Worries, fears, and anxieties mean a lack of faith in the system, and they tarnish our spirit. We are put in some situations for some purpose. One door closed will open many other doors. Be true to yourself and to others. There is nothing good or bad. Everything that we perceive as bad is an integral part of this universe only. The universe is diverse. Accept diversity. This is the story of life. Accept the flow of life. Try to see positive things in the adverse situation too. Develop a positive approach towards life. Every event is developing you. You have to go through difficult situations to recognize yourself and your potential. Easy tasks can be performed by anybody, the real capability is in treading difficult paths with a smile on the face and courage in the heart. The heroic achievement is in treading difficult paths and emerging as a victor. Difficult situations make you see your light and how it is a part of the supreme light.

The main aim of life is to merge our light into the Supreme Light and it can be achieved by attaining spiritual wisdom and looking towards our life on a different plane. We need to take our consciousness to the level so that we can realize the Supreme self in ourselves and connect with our source. When we acquire the virtues of the creator, realize the Supreme Self inside us, and become like the divine, then our fragrance is felt by all around us. Our presence is a blessing for everybody around us and this is serving Divine and recognizing our Divine Light.

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